Jung Myung Seok’s First Encounter with Jesus

Ever since Jung Myung Seok met Jesus, he has been able to prosper eternally. He wasn’t the only one who prospered compared to when they had lived in the world.

Some people may feel like they tried to follow Jesus but didn’t prosper. But it’s not just about trying to follow. You have to put the Word to practice according to how the Lord gave them to you when you counsel with Him about your life issues.

This is what happened when people like Peter, the Samaritan women, and Jung Myung Seok counseled with Jesus.

Apostle Peter

Peter was a person who lived near the shore and made a living catching fish in the sea. As he was fishing, he met Jesus and asked Him about his life’s problems. At that time, Peter didn’t know that Jesus was the Messiah.

The night before he met Jesus, Peter had thrown his nets into the sea all night long. But he couldn’t catch even one fish. So he asked Jesus, “Do I have to live my entire life like this? How can I catch a lot of fish in the sea?” This was Peter’s main issue in life.

The first answer the Lord gave resolved Peter’s main issue in life. He helped Peter to fish successfully. He told Peter, “The fish have gone to the deep part of the sea because they were afraid of you. So go to the deep waters and cast your net.”

Peter thought about it and said, “I see. The fish went to the deeper parts of the water. I will go and catch them.” So he went to the deep end of his water and cast his net. When he did so, he caught an amazing number of fish all at once. He caught so many that his net almost broke. It was so heavy that he couldn’t pull the net up by himself. So he had to call his fellow fishermen next to him for help, and together, they pulled up the net. Even though he had two boats, they were loaded so much that they sank a bit. (Luke 5:4-7)

Jesus helped Peter solve his life’s problem

After this, Peter went to Jesus and said, “I did as you told me, and I caught a lot of fish! There has never been a day in my life when I caught this many fish at once.” Since Jesus helped Peter resolve one of his life’s problems, Peter asked Jesus about other issues regarding this career path. He asked, “Do I have to live catching fish like this?”

In response, Jesus said, “Starting today, throw away your boat and nets and follow me. Just as you catch fish in the sea, go out to the ocean of the world, preach the Word, and lead many lives to me.”

Peter said, “Amen. Hallelujah!” and went out to the ocean of the world. He testified about Jesus, lectured about life, and led people to the Lord. He became a fisher of men.

After Jesus died, Peter performed a great miracle of bringing three thousand people to the path of life. He did it all at one place and in one day. Just as Jesus gave Peter answers to his life’s problems, Peter gave answers to the masses and led them to the Lord. (Acts 2:37-41)

In the same way, you should also resolve people’s problems in life when you meet them.

The Samaritan woman

This women was someone who had done all kinds of things in the world. She did everything she pleased, but her heart and soul were in agony. She had relationships with many men and actually loved them, but that didn’t make her happy. In the end, she felt miserable and was not satisfied with any of her lovers.

Then one day, she met Jesus. While talking to him, he started talking about life and she received his counseling. This woman, like Peter, did not know Jesus was the Messiah. And she was also looking for a mentor in life. She had been waiting a long time for someone to save her.

So Jesus gave her an answer in regards to all the various issues in her life. He said, “Follow me. Even if you have loved many more men, you will only make yourself more miserable. Love me instead.” When the Lord spoke, he gave her the answer to all her problems–the issue of meeting a life mentor and finding true love.

In this way, connect the Lord to people so they know they have a life mentor who will provide them with a satisfying type of love.

Jung Myung Seok

Jung Myung Seok was a boy who was born in a remote mountain valley in South Korea. He was basically a country boy. His hometown was a very small village called Wolmyeongdong. He was the first person in Providence Church to counsel with Jesus.

The boy prayed and asked Jesus a question. He said, “I haven’t received much education, so no one thinks I’m useful. I want to find a job, but I can’t. And I don’t have money, so I can’t go to school either. How can I resolve my lack of education in life?”

In response, Jesus told him (through the Bible). “You who are weary and burdened, learn from me. If you learn from me, things will be easy and your burden will be light.”

According to the Lord’s Word, the boy lived learning about life and the Bible.

Trying to get a job

But there were times when he was hungry because he had nothing to eat. He was also cold because he didn’t have anywhere to sleep. So he counseled with Jesus again in his twenties. He said, “Jesus, I want to find a job, but since I don’t have a diploma, every time I go to an interview, I don’t pass. So I can’t even get a job. What should I do to get a job?”

Jesus answered him again, “I will go to the ones who believe in me and ask them to do me a favor. I will let you get a job without going through an interview.”

After some time passed, Jung Myung Seok got a job opportunity to work at a company. However, when he got the offer, he thought about living his entire life as an employee. He knew that ultimately, it would not be satisfactory. The Lord kept taking him to various places, but even though he got offers, he turned them all down.

In the end, he told Jesus, “Lord, I will follow you around.”

Jesus said, “There is nothing you can help me with while following me around. I won’t even be able to give you a salary.”

But Jung Myung Seok said, “I’ll just follow you. And when I need food, I’ll beg. So please just give me permission to follow you. I’ll throw away all my lingering desires for a job, money, and a good environment. I’ll throw all those things without regret. So please just give me your permission.”

Since he said it out of his own volition, Jesus permitted it after testing him.

Following Jesus

One day, Jung Myung Seok had a vision of Jesus writing and painting with a brush. There were no other people around. So Jung Myung Seok went to Jesus to try to help him, but there was nothing he could do to help. So he simply watched what Jesus was doing.

Then Jesus said to him, “Go there and try to copy me. Look at my drawing and try to draw it yourself.”

So he went to the side of Jesus. There was a big white sheet of paper in the ground, as big as a rice paddy. He wanted to draw on it, but he didn’t have anything in his hand. So he just stood there. At that moment, Jesus pulled out a big brush from his pocket and tossed it to him while saying, “Take this brush.”

Jung Myung Seok caught the brush the Lord tossed to him and held it in his hand. It was so big that he had to hold it with both of his hands. The Lord said, “This is my last brush. I don’t have any more brushes now. My brush and your brush are the only ones left.”

With the brush in hand, he drew a big circle connected to a smaller circle. It was the illustration Jesus was drawing. As he drew, he noticed Jesus fading int the distance. So he cried out, “Lord! Why are you leaving without telling me? Where are you going that you’re not even going to say farewell?” And he ran after the Lord.

The Lord’s great commission

The Lord looked back and said to him, “I entrust this to you. So even if it becomes difficult and tough, bear it and go to the end. There will be many situations where you will feel like someone is stabbing your heart with a knife. But I will be with you.”

While Jesus told him this, all the suffering Jesus endured on the cross flashed through his mind. He thought to himself, “Those things will happen to me too.”

He felt like Jesus was hurting inside and weeping in His heart. Soon after, Jesus ascended to Heaven.

Jung Myung Seok originally went to counsel with the Lord about his career path. So the Lord gave him a big brush and asked him to do things on the Lord’s behalf.

From the on, he lived only to do the Lord’s work. In the process, he continued to counsel with Him and receive answers. So he put it to practice and gained the eternal blessing while helping others gain it as well.

The Lord will resolve your life’s problems so counsel with Him

There have been countless other people who have counseled with the Lord and resolved their life’s problems. Whether it was through the prophets in the Old Testament or the Lord in the New Testament, people have resolved their problems.

When Jesus came to the world in the flesh, people crowded around him. Among them, there were many who were sick physically and mentally. For all of them, the Lord took care of their problems of sickness and had them follow Him. So in the end, the Lord even took care of their spirits.

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