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Keep God’s Time

“Time” and “keeping the time” are a matching pair. However, we need to adhere to God’s time and not to people’s time. Life and death are determined by time: you can avoid death if you treat your diseases early—at the right time. If you miss the proper time, you may even end up dying in both body and spirit. People have no idea how important it is to keep God’s time.

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The Victory of Love

Since Jesus knew that these were the greatest commandments, he put them into practice and achieved the victory of love. Without changing his heart, he treated the world with love until the very end, even petitioning God to forgive the Jews because they were ignorant and ultimately dying for all mankind.

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Take Action with the Lord

To complete a given task and to see big differences in the outcome, the work should be done together with the Lord and with many people who pertain to the task. It is difficult to do things by yourself, and it’s hard to achieve good results. Thus, you should do it together with everyone else while the work is being done.

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The One Who Is Perfect Succeeds

The Scripture says that to the blameless God shows Himself blameless. It means that when you do things perfectly yourself, you will come to know about God’s perfection. For example, if you answer all the test questions perfectly, then you will come to know that you have done everything perfectly and correctly.

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God’s History of Love

John 3:16 is a core Scripture of the New Testament. For God so loved this world that He sent His one and only Son so that anyone who believes in Him would receive salvation. The one and only son is referring to Jesus. God sent the Messiah so that anyone who believes in him would not be condemned but would receive salvation instead.

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