How To Live A Happy Life

There are many reasons people can’t be happy. Some aren’t happy because they have nothing to eat. Others aren’t happy because they have nothing to wear. Still others say they aren’t happy because they have no where to sleep.

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The Lord Is My Shepherd

What do you feel when you believe in and love God? Don’t you feel like there is truly much to receive and be joyful about? Though, on the other hand, there is much hardship in faith as well.

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2016 Providence Sunday Message Titles

As 2016 comes to a close, let us spend some time amidst the festivities to reflect upon this special year. In Providence, we received precious words daily. The most important are the sunday messages which Pastor Jung Myung Seok writes after deep prayer, and usually after taking action or receiving …

Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving Day

It has been a week after America celebrated the big Thanksgiving Day. Many families feasted: turkey, ham,¬†stuffings. You name it. But what is the true meaning of Thanksgiving Day? Puritans who settled in America gave thanks to God for their newfound nationhood. They survived¬†crossing the Atlantic ocean and the onslaught …

What is True Love?

All human beings have one thing in common – we all need love. But why is it that we never feel satisfied even when we receive all kinds of love? In this short 3 minute sermon excerpt from a message in 1998, Pastor Jung Myung Seok will enlighten us on …