Your friend wants a laptop.

But because he knows nothing about technology, he decides to ask you to advise him on what to buy.

He wants a long-lasting laptop, and asks you to help him find a laptop that lasts long.

So, you browse and found one.

You recommend that laptop to your friend thinking he will be happy to purchase that laptop.

But, when you show him a picture, he goes, “That laptop isn’t pretty. I know pretty ones last long” and buys a laptop that is colorful.

A few months later, he comes up to you saying, “My laptop broke!” and regrets.

This is not just a story. Small or big, you may have suffered losses because you thought that what you chose was better than the other things.
Why is that?

Because no matter who you are, regardless if it’s toward a person or an object, you end up choosing only the things that you like and the things that you have perceived as good in your brain.

Not just for purchasing things, this also happens during your studies as well. People choose according to what they think is good and according to things they perceive to be important and better.

For example, a student thought studying the 1st and 2nd chapter were better and more important compared to the other studied chapters. So, that student spent a majority of their time memorizing those two chapters. However, it turns out the last content was more important. In fact, the 1st and 2nd chapters were not even on the exam. He completely studied the wrong content. Why does this kind of situation happen?

It is because people evaluate and assign value to things according to their own perceptions, thinking, and brain levels.

So, what does this all mean?

It means that, if you raise the level of your thoughts and knowledge, you will be able to evaluate things (literally, almost every case!) well and gain the ability to quickly identify what is most important and valuable.

But how?  How do we develop our knowledge?

We learn!

We all know learning is important. That is why we continuously learn things from the time we are born. But, it is important to learn things “properly and “Continuously without giving up. How do we learn things properly? You need to “ask. Not to just anyone, but you have to ask the experts!

So here are my two simple suggestions to develop your brain:


Often, people fail due to ignorance. So, first, it is important to learn – research. For example, if you are buying a laptop, search it up! Ask your friends, search on Google, or search the official websites. When you research thoroughly, you will be able to understand correctly about the different types of laptops. For your exams too, go to the consultations held by the unit coordinators. Ask questions to the lecturers or tutors.

Be prepared to ACCEPT.

There’s no use in researching when you refuse to accept it. Be open-minded. Let go of  your old perceptions. Be open to new ideas and knowledge. By the time you have asked tremendous amount of questions to the experts and researched things thoroughly, you may realize that your initial thoughts were wrong. That new thing may be slightly different to your original idea, but don’t be afraid. Give it a go.