Good Words

God began history,
from a small starting point on earth.
From one point, God’s history began from Adam.
God never stopped giving us the Word.
His history continues to spread to the ends of the Earth.
And His Word is changing the world.

Love Is the Greatest

Contemplating the core reason, why would you do something for someone? Wouldn’t it be because of love? In this way, God created the heavens and the earth out of love.

Do It Before It Is Too Late

You must do things quickly in your youth. Even for those who are old in age, now is their youth when looking at the future. So, while in your youth, do what you should do.

Thoughts Are Divine

You must always guard your heart and be aware of where it flows. Also, always monitor where your mind and thoughts are. Incorrect thoughts can lead to accidents or even death.

Elijah’s Story: Choices in Life | Bible Animations for Children

2,900 years ago in North Israel, there was a king named Ahab. He married Jezebel of the Gentiles, who brought idol worship into God's nation, Israel. Since God loves all mankind like a lover, He was extremely saddened, seeing people bow down to the idols. Therefore,...

You Are Special

When you turn on the TV and see Hollywood stars, you see people who seem to be more beautiful and special than you. Their stories make them shine as well. Regardless of whether they look good or bad, people admire them. They appear in popular TV series, so people...

How to Avoid Problems You Face in Life

It’s very common to not check thoroughly before we do things. But did you know that just one small case of carelessness can cause you great misfortune? Let me give you an example with a short story. A guy saw a beautiful flower between some rocks. It was a small white...

The Single Reason You Fail Your Exams

Are you failing your exams because of this one habit? Have you failed an exam before? Not just the exams related to your studies, but exams that involve skill or even a test. For example, it could be a driving test or even a small mini game you played with your...