Pastor Jung Myung Seok values time immensely—so much so that he’ll fight to gain even one second. As the president of Providence, he has a tremendous number of things to do every day. Even when it seems like he has a lot of time, once he delves into his work, he finds that he doesn’t have enough time to complete it. 

Pastor Jung Myung Seok dedicated his life to loving God wholeheartedly after realizing how much God loves human beings. When he prays deeply, he is able to connect with God and experience His love even more strongly. When it comes to love, many people think only about the love between couples or lovers. However, if you love material wealth, paintings, or a certain way of life, all of that is also love.

Pastor Jung Myung Seok says, “There are different types of love, but only love that centers on God is eternal.”

Since God is spirit, the love between God and human beings is not exchanged through physical relations as it is between couples in the world. The spiritual love you have with God develops by planting the Word of God in your brain. Spiritual love refers to your spirit loving God and your brothers and sisters. It also means that your body loves with all your heart, mind, and thoughts according to God’s Will and that your body takes action following His Word. It’s different from the physical love we usually experience on earth.

Physical love in the world requires a physical body. And two bodies are required in order to make love. Therefore, you can’t always fulfill physical love if you’re on your own. However, spiritual love is fulfilled through your brain and thoughts. If you love in your heart, that means your spirit loves, too. Therefore, you can love limitlessly—and you should.

The spiritual world is a world where your heart and thoughts become reality. The degree of love that your spirit experiences by going to Heaven and loving the Trinity is different from that which your body experiences by loving the opposite gender. The spirit doesn’t have sexual relations but lives loving intensely through thoughts.

In terms of physical love, you can feel it only when you see it with your eyes, hear it with your ears, or touch it with your hands. You feel it only when your body is stimulated. Physical love is a lower level of love, so even animals can partake in it. On the contrary, spiritual love is a higher level of love done not by physical stimulation but by stimulation of the soul and spirit. Hence, only when your mind, heart, and thoughts are constantly in love with God will your soul and spirit fully develop and engage in spiritual love at that higher level.

Heavenly love is to exchange love through thoughts, share feelings through the mind, and connect instantly through the spirit. It is a love that cannot be described based on what we experience on earth.

Spiritual love far transcends physical love. Consider honey to be like spiritual love, whereas sugar is like sexual love. In the same way that honey already contains sugar, all the emotions and sensations of physical love can be felt within spiritual love, even without carrying out sexual love. God’s love is like a nugget of pure gold. The more you hear about it and the more you act on it, the more it gets fulfilled and leads to an ideal world. If you love God, you enjoy eternal happiness.

If you want to feel that intense spiritual love on earth, your body must challenge itself to reach the spiritual world, share feelings with the Trinity through your thoughts and soul, and reach an extreme degree of love.

People who climb regular mountains can’t understand those who climb Mount Everest, wondering , “Why would they climb risking their own lives?” They don’t see what’s beyond their level of achievement. However, those who have reached the top of a very high mountain have put forth effort, struggled, and climbed to get there, and so they climb again to reach an even higher peak. Why? It’s because through their efforts they have experienced extreme joy. They have felt joy beyond description, which is why even though others don’t understand, they climb again and again on their own.

Spiritual love is like that too. Not everything can be expressed through words. What is spiritual has to be experienced and felt individually. The Trinity and the Lord give spiritual love to each individual. It is a spiritual feeling that fills you with extreme joy.

In order to realize and feel God’s love more profoundly, you must pray deeply and spiritually and you must listen to His Word, taking action on it constantly. In doing this, you love Him back in various ways. When you pray deeply, you shed tears because you feel the Trinity’s heart and feelings, but you are extremely happy to understand the Trinity’s heart in this way. This is spiritual love.

The spiritual world is a world of extreme joy because you feel the emotions of love 100 times or 1000 times more intensely. So keep challenging yourself to feel that divine love. If you experience the extreme joy of spiritual love, you will not even look at physical love.

The essential body part for spiritual love is your brain. The brain connects the body, the soul, and the spirit, and it also connects you with God. The brain is the spiritual body part of love because it is the only body part that can engage in love with a non-physical counterpart. Additionally, the brain is the core that connects the nerves of all other body parts and allows them to react. Therefore, God gives love that stimulates the brain⁠—your core⁠—through the Word. And when your body responds to that stimulation by putting the Word into action, you engage in spiritual love with God. 

Pastor Jung once said, “If your brain is fully developed, you can feel 1000 times more pleasure, joy, and excitement with your brain than you can feel with your physical body.”

The entire body of the spirit is composed of brain matter⁠—a mass of nerves. Therefore, the whole body is stimulated. If physical love is like looking at a single person, then spiritual love is like looking at something trillions of times bigger and more diverse. If you use your brain only physically, you are using only 10% or even a mere 1% of your brain power. God made human beings with the ability to use more than 90% of their brain power spiritually in order to save their spirits and live eternally. Therefore, if you use your brain spiritually in addition to physically, you are using your brain to its full potential by doing things together with the Trinity and the Lord. Thus, your spirit will be saved and you will go to Heaven.

Physical love is not eternal. It ends when your body dies, so it is limited love. Eternal love is attained only if you belong to the spirit and engage in spiritual love using your brain. Spiritual love transcends time, distance, and space. When you engage in spiritual love, you share love day and night. It is a love in which you dedicate all your heart, thoughts, life, body, soul, and spirit to the Trinity and the Lord. Anyone can do this according to their own abilities. Your spirit goes to the place you are thinking about within a second, so, by focusing on God, your thoughts and heart become an actual entity that converses with and loves Him. Therefore, even though God is in Heaven, He receives all that spiritual brain love.

Pastor Jung mentioned this in one of his sermons: God’s Original Entity is the Being of love. God portrays His love by helping you, giving you things, granting you the joy of work, providing you with a good environment, conversing with you out of love, or giving you material blessings. Furthermore, God expresses His love by healing you when you are sick or by helping you realize about things.

In this way, God shows His love by always being with you and helping you with countless things in the course of your life. God also portrays His love in the form of either parental love or love from the opposite sex. Love is not just a male and a female embracing each other and having relations of love. The scope of God’s love is tremendously big. Therefore, even just conversing with God is like engaging in a kind of sexual relation.

How does God give human beings love of the opposite sex? He gives that love by helping you. That’s why you feel an overwhelming joy and thrill, you shed tears, and your heart is deeply touched when God helps you. Especially if He saves you at a time you surely would have died, it gives you joy that is 10,000 times, 100,000 times, or 1 trillion times greater than having a sexual relation with someone—there’s no comparison.

God’s love is mental love, brain love, and love through thoughts. Therefore, you must certainly be ignited first with brain love in order to engage in spiritual love. Without love, no matter how much money a person has or how great their environment is, it’s meaningless. But because of love, a person makes money to give to their beloved and seeks a good environment for their sake too. Everything is done because of love, and true love is give-and-take.

If you give love to God, the Omniscient and Omnipotent God of love doesn’t just take it and stay silent. He gives His divine-level love back to you in full measure. If love is given but not returned, then it is not true love, but God’s love is absolutely true love. 

For true love to endure, you should give your love to God. You should give Him both physical love and spiritual love. Since human beings have physical bodies, they should love God with those bodies. There are various types of love. If you do God’s work 100%, that is loving Him 100%. If you praise God, give glory through arts, and give thanks 100%, that is also loving Him 100%. The work of saving lives, learning the Word and teaching it, and loving lives and managing them as well—if you do it all 100%, that is also considered loving God 100%. However, the difference between the love of those who love God through their actions in an above average way versus those who only say “I love God 100%” is tremendously big.

Pastor Jung said that while pursuing a life of faith, you have to love God in various ways—with proficient love that you gain through studying and making efforts, with love that has knowledge and wisdom, with love that is kind to others, and with high-level, mature, big love. God receives all of that love in a satisfying way. If you do only one thing well, you will receive love back which corresponds to the value of that one thing. However, if you offer diverse love to God by doing two, three, four, five, or ten things well and taking action 100%, you will receive an abundance of love which corresponds to the value of all those things.

Therefore, love God in many ways: through dance, poetry, writing, and knowledge. When you send up love to God in many ways, you also experience spiritual love in a variety of ways. Pastor Jung’s life is a life of spiritual love. Therefore, if you want to experience God’s love in an intense way, following Pastor Jung’s teachings will definitely set you on the right track.