One day, all of a sudden, my joy disappeared.

It was like when you lose a document stored on your computer. Once you delete a file, it disappears without leaving even a single character behind. My joy disappeared like that.

You’ve experienced something like this before, right?

After I finished washing up, I went out to pray. As I did, I recollected the days of my past. When I recalled the days of my past, the joy of the past also came back to me again. So joy sprang up from within my mind.

So I thought, “Why do we come to live lives where our joy vanishes?

I think it is because the things we were once joyful about have disappeared from our minds. They have disappeared from our memory.

If you forget something from your memory, it is as if you lost ’something that was dear to you. So, the joy that comes from that memory also disappears.

People live their lives feeling everything through their thoughts.

Therefore, thoughts and memory are the lifeline of the mind.

Memory Is a Basic Component of Life

The first consonant in the Korean language ‘ㄱ’ is a basic component of Korean. In the same way, memory serves as a basic component for each person.

Let’s say that you have physical contact with your lover. Even if that is the case, if you’ve forgotten your lover from your thoughts, your lover disappears. Before you know it, the joy that came from your lover will also disappear. As a result, your body will feel the impact as well.

In the same way, even if you have received the greatest blessings from Heaven, if you forget about it from your memories,that joy will immediately disappear. As a result of that, your body will also feel the loss. And you will grow miserable. That is why memory is considered a basic component of life.

You Must Not Forget But Remember!

A person who cannot remember is like an empty vessel. Thus, he has no hope. However, if he remembers the things he was joyful about in the past, the joy from those times will come to life again.

You must remember about the things of the past that have been lost from your memory. Try to recall at this moment. If you can’t remember, try to pray deeply when you wake up. Converse asking the Heavens. If you do, you will recall and remember the things you should be joyful about.

Compare the difference between living for the things of the body on earth and living for the things of the spirit in Heaven.  It is like comparing the weight of an ant to the weight of an elephant.

Consider the period of time you have to enjoy the things in the world with your body. Compared to eternal things, it lasts a fraction of a second. It is momentary and vain.

Then What Are the Things We Should Remember?

You have to always remember the eternal things, like your soul and spirit. You have to always remember God and Heaven.

It is hard because you cannot see spiritual things with your eyes, right?

That is why if you don’t remember, you will forget about them.

Let’s say the Holy Spirit and the Lord are right next to you. If you don’t remember them, you will not even consider communicating with Them at all. However, if you remember and call them, you will be able to converse with Them right away. Whether they are far or near, They will answer your call.

I hope you will surely remember the Holy Trinity and the things that are eternal.

I hope you will remember the Word God gave you through the Lord. Do not forget the Will God has for youTry to put those thoughts into practice with your body. You must not simply remember but also take action. Then as your joy returns to you, you will also make gains.

God gives you a tremendous amount of things. But you forget about all of them. So that’s why even the joy you should have disappears.

Now I pray you will remember your past days and take action every day with joy. I pray you will live a life of rediscovering your joys again.