Change Starts From One Good Word

Just as the fate of your life changes depending on the actions you decide to take, the eternal fate of your spirit changes as well.

Good WordsGood World

Change Starts From One Good Word

Our mission is to empower people by changing the way we think. We believe in the power of words. That words affect the way we think and the way we perceive the world. If we can change the way we think, we can make a better world.

God’s Words

Answer will come when you realize, answer will come to those who act.
We have so many problems in life, but the answer is always God.

Keep God’s Time

“Time” and “keeping the time” are a matching pair. However, we need to adhere to God’s time and not to people’s time. Life and death are determined by time: you can avoid death if you treat your diseases early—at the right time. If you miss the proper time, you may even end up dying in both body and spirit. People have no idea how important it is to keep God’s time.

You Feel Gratification and Joy when You Are Acknowledged

Now is the time of miracles. God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord make miracles happen when we have faith in Them. Even if all seven billion people on the earth were to take action simultaneously, these same miracles could not be performed. However, you must have positive thoughts to have positive outcomes.

Victory in Individualized Love

Love isn’t about achieving only one victory. Victory in love must be continuously achieved. To be victorious, we have to know about love and put it into practice. We have to learn how to love and live a proper life of love.

A Life of Thanksgiving and Grace

The Holy Trinity have done impossible things in our lives, so we can say, all that we have gained till now testifies for Their grace and power.