Change Starts From One Good Word

Just as the fate of your life changes depending on the actions you decide to take, the eternal fate of your spirit changes as well.

Good WordsGood World

Good Words, Good World

Our mission is to empower people by changing the way we think. We believe in the power of words. That words affect the way we think and the way we perceive the world. If we can change the way we think, we can make a better world.

God’s Words

Answers will come when you realize, answers will come to those who act.
We have so many problems in life, but the answer is always God.

Without Love, the Purpose Cannot Be fulfilled

True love means to love something or someone more than anything or anyone else. As it says in the Scriptures, “Anyone who loves me will hold and keep my command”. If you love the Lord, you have to listen to his words and take action on them with all your heart, will, and life.

Cast All Your Anxiety on the Lord

You must leave your anxieties to the Lord. Many people shipwreck their faith from worrying deeply about their difficulties instead of entrusting them to the Lord. The Lord could have solved them easily if they had only entrusted them to him. 

Ask, Seek, Knock on the Door

There are always things we need that we don’t have, so we should be alert to ensure that we don’t miss the opportunity to gain the things we need to gain. We should ask for things in our daily lives because God wants to give to us what we are lacking. But only if we do our responsibility of asking.

A Life of Thanksgiving and Grace

The Holy Trinity have done impossible things in our lives, so we can say, all that we have gained till now testifies for Their grace and power.