Change Starts From One Good Word

Just as the fate of your life changes depending on the actions you decide to take, the eternal fate of your spirit changes as well.

Good WordsGood World

Good Words, Good World

Our mission is to empower people by changing the way we think. We believe in the power of words. That words affect the way we think and the way we perceive the world. If we can change the way we think, we can make a better world.

God’s Words

Answers will come when you realize, answers will come to those who act.
We have so many problems in life, but the answer is always God.

People of Mission Must Always Become One With the Trinity and Take Action; Only Then Will They Win and Triumph

Everything exists in a world of relativity. On the basis of relativity, a cord of two strands is two times stronger than a cord of one strand. Even the coronavirus (COVID-19) that is making the whole world suffer attacks through two strains of the virus. Therefore, it is like a cord of two strands.

Only Those Who Do Not Receive God’s Seal on Their Foreheads Will Be Harmed

Realize how God’s Word is carried out in this time period. The Word in Revelation 9:4-6 describes the plague of disease of this time period. In the past, disasters like earthquakes, storms, and foot-and-mouth disease affected the grass, trees, dirt, and rocks in addition to people.

I Will Bring Distress on Them so That They May Realize

This Word of God still applies in this time period. The same is true in this time period. God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord want desperately for people to live perfectly. However, if people continue to not listen to God’s Word and live like a wife who has deceived her husband and left home, God becomes devastated in His heart.

A Life of Thanksgiving and Grace

The Holy Trinity have done impossible things in our lives, so we can say, all that we have gained till now testifies for Their grace and power.