1 Corinthians 13:13

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Realize God’s love

Love is the greatest. From love comes trust. Although faith and hope are also important, it is through love that faith and hope are fulfilled. Contemplating the core reason, why would you do something for someone? Wouldn’t it be because of love?

In this way, God created the heavens and the earth out of love. He sent the Messiah out of love. And He gives the Word out of love. That’s why love is the greatest.

Everyone has experienced the world of love. Whether in their family, church, or society, they experience love through other people. Between people, if there’s no love, they cannot be united. Likewise, between us and God, if we don’t sincerely love Him, we cannot be united as one. God made human beings and all creation so that we could love Him and He could love us. God’s love is unimaginably great. Even though He loves the entire world, He still has love left over. He pours out all His love so that even if you are full of hatred, God still loves you. We need to realize God’s love, and infinitely love God and everyone in the world. If we keep giving love, all evil will eventually transform into good.

Become successful in love

God’s law is the law of love. If you’re unsuccessful in love, you can’t receive love. You become someone who has failed in love. Even if you are rich or have a lot of power—say a famous artist or famous athlete—if you don’t have love, then you’ve failed. Even if you have the gift of prophecy and an undying faith that can make miracles happen; if you don’t have love, it’s nothing. Jesus evangelized out of love. Even Paul—who hated and wanted to kill Jesus—Jesus made him realize about the fundamentals of love. That’s the magnitude of Christ’s love. You need to have sincere love that is unchanging like gold. Then, like Apostle Paul, you’ll melt people’s hearts, dissolving hatred into love.

Focusing on love, many people live an ideal life. But love can be scary too; some people end up killing their lover, their siblings, or their children. If you successfully live a life of love, it’s nice, but if you are unsuccessful, it can even lead to murder. War happens because of a lack of love. It often starts with a small incident, like a match that ultimately burns down an entire city. A world of love also begins with small things. So we need to care for everything with love, until even hatred is extinguished.

Love is patient and kind

Sincere love is patient and kind. If you truly love someone, even if they get angry or misunderstand you, you will just endure it. If you don’t endure it, you’ll lose that person; so you’ll endure no matter what. But if you become a true counterpart of love, it’s really not difficult to be patient. With words too, sometimes you have to be patient and not say anything to avoid getting angry.

If you speak without love, it’s like the sound of a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal—it irritates you. A cymbal is a strong sound, and although it sounds beautiful when played together with other sounds, if you just keep hitting it, it gets annoying. It’s like this when you speak or take action without love, so people don’t like it.

Love is not envious

When you truly love, you don’t oppose or block other people from becoming successful. Parents aren’t usually envious of their children because they want them to do well. On the other hand, brothers and sisters are often jealous. In the Bible, it says you will reap what you sow. Therefore, if you pray for others to become successful, you’ll become successful too. And if family members become successful, everyone benefits; so, rather than being envious, you should pray for them and be happy for them.

Love is not boastful or proud

Parents boast about their children all the time, and husbands boast about their wives. Boasting in this way—about what belongs to you—actually testifies for your love. But you should be careful not to boast about yourself, as you’ll come across as being arrogant. Pride, too, is adverse when it portrays arrogance. Sometimes being bold and courageous can be mistaken as being proud, but these are actually good qualities. You must swallow your pride and clearly know that rather than having donehaving done something for yourself, it was God who did it for you. God works through people, so if you have the heart of wanting to do something, God will work upon you to do it. But if you always say that you did it yourself, that is arrogance.

Have a heart of love that cannot be broken

Everyone is full of faith and hope, but if your love towards God or your love towards your brothers and sisters breaks, then harmony also breaks. It’s like this for families, lovers, and history. Therefore, we should know that Satan’s greatest strategy is to break love apart and make you grow distant from the Lord.

Always hoping to block and sabotage our love, Satan often tries to make us sin through material wealth, through the world of the opposite sex, and through thoughts. You need to love God, your brothers, and your sisters to the point of death; then Satan will not be able to interfere.