Revelation 2:10

Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.

God is always with you

Amidst everything, God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son always take care of us wherever we go. So never say, “They don’t take care of me that much.” God takes care of you according to the environment. He makes your fears disappear, and He leads you onto the path of life.

God does such tremendous things for us, and He gives us the grace to realize. But we realize only a tiny fraction of what He does in our lifetime. Why is that? It is because He does things that are so tremendous. Nevertheless, we must reflect on the grace that God has shown us and realize how God has helped us in the past.

The one who gives knows, but the one who receives easily forgets

We must not forget how God has helped us and led us throughout our lives. If you forget, love is lost, and whatever God initially helped you with may also be taken away. God gave you those things because you wanted them so badly and struggled so hard for them. But if you just receive things, as seasons pass, you will slowly forget and lose that grace.

Never forget how God has loved you, accompanied you, helped you, worked with you, paid attention to you, and has done the impossible for you.

In the New Testament, the temple of Jerusalem was lost in a similar way. The temple is God’s body, the Lord’s body. So if you lose the Lord, you lose the temple too. And since the Jewish people lost the Messiah, Jesus, they also ended up losing the temple which symbolized his body. It ultimately became a Muslim shrine, and even now they have not been able to reclaim it. They cry and wail every day asking when God will come. However, that time has already passed.

Take action before it is too late

You must do things quickly in your youth. Even for those who are old in age, now is their youth when looking at the future. So, while in your youth, do what you should do. Things will not be possible later because the domain changes as our lives progress. Just as you are unable to do the work of spring in the fall, you will be unable to do something because your time will have passed. That is why you must do it before it is too late. When you are late, you can’t do it. Whether you are young or well into your years, there is a time for you, so you must not miss that time.

When we get old, our cells die so we can’t act as quickly anymore. The brain becomes dull, so we lose memory, strength, willingness, and ambition. Even if you are able to do it, it will be incomparable to when you were young. So you must hurry and run when you are still young and bright. Those who don’t run say that there’s nothing to do. But while running, you’ll realize that there are many things to do.

Don’t just eat food that is prepared for you

We should not limit ourselves to simply eating food that has been cooked for us, but rather, each one of us should endeavor to cook. In other words, don’t just do what has already been planned but be creative and keep coming up with new ideas. This is how you live a flavorful life!

If you take action, God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord will be with you. As a result, it will be an exciting and worthwhile life. And if you keep taking action, you’ll do five or even ten times more. Then it is the same as living five or ten times more than other people.

Even if there are difficulties, you should not surrender or go on a different path. Don’t be a reed swaying in the wind. Even if tribulations come, be faithful while overcoming them. Remember that once the tribulation is over, there are great blessings. If you are faithful to the point of death, you will receive the crown of life, meaning that your body and spirit will move from the domain of death into the domain of life. Everyone must live with these kinds of thoughts and this mentality.