Mark 16:20

Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it.

Revelation 17:14

They will wage war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will triumph over them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings—and with him will be his called, chosen and faithful followers.

Do things together with the Lord and with other people

To complete a given task and to see big differences in the outcome, the work should be done together with the Lord and with many people who pertain to the task. It is difficult to do things by yourself, and it’s hard to achieve good results. Thus, you should do it together with everyone else while the work is being done.

Human beings, alone, cannot make history. History has to be made with God and the one He sent. Adam and Eve came to live together with God in the Garden of Eden. They were supposed to live loving God, but they eventually disobeyed God’s Word. They committed sin, and thus God could no longer live with them no matter what. As a result, God disliked them, and they became disconnected from God. Even though Adam and Eve were united with each other, God’s Will could not be fulfilled because they were separated from God. Therefore, things must be done together with God and together with people.

So, ultimately, despite the fall of Adam and Eve, throughout the Old Testament, God chose the appropriate people at each time and carried out history; however, human beings absolutely had to be united with God in order for history to be made. People doing things amongst themselves only amounts to a physical history. As a result, God’s history cannot take place. God’s history expressed in a different way is spiritual history. Spiritual history, an eternal history, cannot be fulfilled when human beings only work together with other human beings. Even if everybody works tightly together as one, things still would not work out. God must work together with us, and we also must work together with God.

The history of God is the history in which we do things together. With regards to salvation also, God cannot save you by Himself. Why? Because what could He do if you don’t want to believe and if you don’t want to attend church? Therefore, you must work together with God to achieve salvation. You must be one with Him.

A woman, by herself, cannot produce a child. A man, by himself, also cannot produce a child. They have to do it together. When the weak work together with the strong, they can do things without exerting much strength. Also, for people who play soccer, even if their skills are weak, they can win more easily if they play with a strong soccer player. In this way, you have to be sure to do everything together with God.

Have the right mentality

People who are neither this nor that and those who spectate from afar have the wrong mentality. Having the wrong mentality leads to big problems. Always check to see if you have the right mentality or not—whether your mentality is the same as God’s mentality or not. “God, is my mentality the same as Yours?” That’s something to always pray about.

Do God’s work first, and then ask Him for things

When you ask God for anything, you should emphasize to Him, “God, we did this for You, so You should do this for us.” If you say to Him, “God, we’re going to do this for You in the future, so do this for me,” He will not even respond. Therefore, make requests to God after you have already successfully taken action.

Do not be deceived by evil spirits, demons, and ghosts

Satan, demons, and ghosts commit all kinds of evil deeds, and they take action through other people. If you’re not fully alert, they’ll work against you through a person. You must never be deceived by them. Defend yourself against them by praying, listening to the Word, valuing the Word, and taking action upon it.

The faithful ones will triumph over evil

It says in Revelation 17:14 that they will wage war against the Lamb. ‘They’ refers to the demons, but the Lamb will triumph over them because he is the Lord of lords and King of kings. The Lamb will win even by himself. Those who are with the Lamb, those who are called, those who are chosen, and those who are faithful will win. Those who are deceitful will lose. Those who are faithful will defeat Satan. Those who take action while being united with the Lamb will triumph.