Mark 8:33

But when Jesus turned and looked at his disciples, he rebuked Peter. “Get behind me, Satan!” he said. “You do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.”

In the main scripture, Jesus was firm about following God’s Will, determined not only to save the Gentiles but also the Jews.  However, Peter tried to prevent Jesus from returning to Jerusalem because he was afraid the people would disbelieve Jesus and kill him. Peter was only thinking about the things of man and not about God’s work, and that is why Jesus rebuked him starkly. 

When it comes to God’s law, there are things that are absolute. What must be done must be done, and what should not be done should not be done. You should consider the things of people and also consider the things of the Heavens. Don’t do things thinking only about one thing because if you take action thinking only about one thing, you will be rebuked by the Lord, and Satan will get involved.

One thing you must do is to be able to control your body. If you’re sick or ill, or if your mind and thoughts are dead, then you won’t be able to function properly. In the life of faith, there is  prayer, action, the Word, centering on the Lord and the Trinity – all four things have to be done well. God will not give you something just because you do it thinking only about one thing. Even if it takes time, you must have that correct mentality of faith while taking action.

Consider more than one aspect when taking action

If you do things thinking about just one thing, you will fail 100%. As we live our lives, the law of life that God has established is that if a person trying to achieve something thinks only about one thing, then, as they proceed, they will immediately encounter a problem. Therefore, if you do things considering just one aspect, you will regret it. 

You should do things after learning about everything. Don’t do unnecessary things. There’s actually little work to do when you eliminate what’s unnecessary. You must also do and say appropriate things. Then, when you take action, God will appear through you with greater power.

People who live thinking about only one thing will have worries, concerns, and anxieties. When they do unnecessary things, they won’t be able to travel the path they need to travel or travel the path of success. So it is good to focus on a goal but to always take action while considering more than just one thing.

In terms of time, look at it by condensing it down to how you would live just one day. If you live your life believing in God and the Holy Spirit, and centering on living by the Lord’s Word, then you will not do what is unnecessary each day and throughout your life. Therefore, make your life simple by taking action after considering what is the Will of God and not just the matters that deal with the welfare of the body.