Acts 28:26

“‘Go to this people and say,
“You will be ever hearing but never understanding;
you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.”

Everything is about sense: success, sports, arts, cooking, work, etc. The things that you’re good at—you’re good at them because you have a good sense for them. In regards to serving the Lord and working with him, you have to have sense. 

God does not come in a way that’s visible to the eyes; that’s because He is God. But if we don’t have sense, we will not recognize that God has come; that’s why God just leaves. The city of Sodom was judged because they lacked sense and response, and they lived physically. In contrast, the city of Nineveh escaped judgment. When God sent Jonah to preach there, the people had the sense to accept the Word and repent.

God said, “Sense is the answer. Sense is answering”. To not have sense is the same as being dull. Therefore, always pray, always think, and always be keen in your thoughts. Be fully alert, and see what happens. You will feel that the Lord is alive, and you will get a sense for what you should do. Also, your ears will open to the Lord’s Word, your heart will open, and the Holy Spirit will work powerfully upon your keen senses.

Your senses come to life as much as you become alert

The one who has the sense for the work given to them is quick-witted and quick to take action. They will refresh the heart of God who works through them. What is power? Having keen sense is power. The Holy Spirit has the keenness of sense as fine as a single hair such that not a single thing is ever missed. Therefore, what is sense? Sense is to feel with your heart. If you don’t perceive, it means that your heart has become calloused; it has been seared. We, human beings, send out and receive various types of waves: spiritual waves, soul waves, and thought waves, which are tremendously more powerful than the ultrasonic waves of dolphins. We must be capable of using them, and we must study a lot about the brain and thoughts. Sense is determined by the development of the brain and by how much you take action. When your nerves towards God get developed, then you will keep studying about God, you will know God, and when God says something, you will immediately respond.

Sense is developed when you love

With love, you show a sharper response and your senses come back to life. So, the more you love the Lord, the more your senses will spring up and you can do well in serving him, becoming one in heart, and taking action together with him.

God said, “People have lots of emotions, but they’re dull in their senses. Therefore, convert the emotions into sense. If you do, then you’ll become a person of tremendous sense.” The time when a person’s senses become the most acute is when they love. They’re powerful in their attention and focus. So, if you want to increase your senses, then you have to love all mankind at God’s level. When you love the Almighty and All-knowing God, then you become a great person of love; you will no longer be a small person.

When you receive the Holy Spirit’s grace through inspiration and when you seek the Holy Spirit, your dead senses will awaken

When you’re influenced by God, your senses become very keen. When you have the fullness of the Holy Spirit, your senses become extremely acute. God always looks for and works through those who have sense, and He carries out history through them. The wiser you become, the faster you are to learn things. Wisdom is having sense. The more you follow the Lord and the more you take action according to his Word, you will gain that much more sense and achieve a tremendous change at a higher level. If you rest without doing anything, the senses you have built up until now will die.