Pastor Jung Myung Seok really knows the value of time. As a spiritual person who prays for hours every day to receive revelations, he has said that predawn is the time when his mind is the brightest. According to his own experiences, he has received the most revelations and inspirations while praying at predawn. And with the wisdom God imparted to him, he was able to do things much more quickly than others.

In his younger years, when living in his hometown, all the people in Suk-mak-ri would be constantly busy farming their crops. In a similar way, he had to work equally as hard as they did just to barely eke out a living. He had to collect firewood from the hills, read the Bible, pray, and do street evangelism from time to time. In the course of praying deeply, he would often finish after the sun came up. And then while walking through the rice paddies and fields after finishing his prayer, the villagers would look at him and say, “When do you intend to tend to your crops? We are busy even though we work from predawn…”

Despite that, he received wisdom from God and was able to do his work 30% more efficiently. So the others could not keep up with him. They also could not rival him because he worked after receiving God’s blessings and promises through prayer at predawn. Of the available time he had, he always used the predawn time for prayer. The villagers could not keep up with him even though they spent all 365 days a year on farming. He realized that if you pray at predawn and give glory to the Trinity each time, God will give you blessings and wisdom. Then, no one can keep up with you.

He asked people to consider this: Can someone who starts working after the sun rises keep up with a person who has been working diligently from predawn? The difference between the two is huge. Take delivering sermons for example. A person who does not wake the predawn and does not pray cannot spiritually keep up with someone who does wake up and pray during predawn. They can’t keep up in terms of spiritual power, bright-mindedness, spirituality, and power of speech. And it shows when you examine their sermons, their lectures, the way they speak, and the work they do.

Among the many hours in a day, predawn is the golden time. Pastor Jung once said, “If you raise your level higher and pray while conversing with the Trinity, you will see many miracles and signs both physically and spiritually!” He has been doing predawn prayer for nearly sixty years, so he speaks from long-term experience. Through predawn prayer and taking action with the wisdom he gained from God, he is able to use time efficiently and do things 2-3 times faster with better results. Whether it is delivering sermons, writing numerous books and poems, constructing grand rock landscapes and waterfalls, healing people with spiritual power, or helping people solve their life issues, it all becomes possible because he awakes at predawn.