Psalm 18:25-27
To the faithful you show yourself faithful, to the blameless you show yourself blameless, to the pure you show yourself pure, but to the devious you show yourself shrewd. You save the humble but bring low those whose eyes are haughty.

Proverbs 20:7

The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them.

Matthew 5:48

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.


Perfection is doing a little bit more

People say achieving perfection is hard. But whether you take action perfectly or not, the difference in effort is very minimal. It’s like running a 100 meter race. You can run the whole 100m, or you can run only 98m. However, if you only reach 98m, you can’t win the medal even if you were in first place up until that point. Is it so much effort to go the last 2m? No. Actually, it’s more difficult to stop at 98m because if you reach that point, you have the power to run the full 100m.

People fail simply because they choose not to do it. People who do 100% always have their engines running. But people who only do 98% turn their engines off early, so they cannot finish.

Because they’ve turned off the motivating force, they’re unable to take further action. Those people have developed the habit of only doing things up to 98%. You have the power to do things perfectly; you just need to come to your senses and do a little bit more!

Take action perfectly through your thoughts

Whether someone takes action or not is determined by their thoughts—not their IQ. Intelligence comes from thoughts, so you should make your thoughts strong. Varying levels of intelligence are due to differences in thoughts. People who have low intelligence fail to do their responsibilities. It depends on their constitution: the habits of their body and their thoughts. You need to make up your mind not to fail and also be determined to do things perfectly.

You increase your ability to take action through repetition. Repetition is the key. If you keep doing something, you will get used to doing it. Just as you learned to walk by doing it continuously, you get used to taking action perfectly by always doing things 100%. If you’re writing a book that’s almost perfect but just needs a bit more editing, don’t give up—get it published! If done perfectly, things can be made in a beautiful and inspiring way. Doing things perfectly is exhilarating and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Love God and the Word perfectly

Where there is a lack of perfection, God judges. Adam and Eve were judged because they acted imperfectly, and in Noah’s time, God judged that imperfection with water. You need to do things perfectly in faith in order for them to work out. Unless you do things perfectly, you cannot see the perfection of God. If you put the Word of God into practice perfectly, you can become divine like a god.

Love is the key, so study, challenge yourself, and keep working at it. If you want to receive blessings, do things perfectly; then miracles will happen.

God looks for righteous people: people who do things perfectly. Even today, God is watching us. Thankfully, we have been given the resource we need to live perfectly—it is the Word! God shows the perfect path to those who are perfect. But God has been deceived many times, so He only believes what He sees. Therefore, you need to be skillful in reality, not just in theory. Understand perfection and then take action. You can succeed in anything; it just depends on how you do it. The subsequent door opens only when the previous task has been fulfilled completely and perfectly.

Fighting imperfection

When playing soccer, if you execute perfectly, the ball goes where you want it to go, and if not, it goes out of bounds. People who play perfectly will win, and people who do not play perfectly will lose. The person in front of the goal has all the responsibility to score, but if they don’t shoot perfectly, they will miss. Failing to do your responsibility means doing things imperfectly. In the same way, the Word has to be interpreted correctly; otherwise things will be missed.

Like a mosquito that will bite you when your skin is exposed even a little, Satan looks for those cracks in your life and then uses them as a way to prevent you from doing things perfectly. We mustn’t allow any cracks for Satan to exploit. We need to pray sincerely, repent perfectly, and become one with the Lord; then there will be no cracks. You really need to uproot your sins; then you will be able to see your faults. If you repent perfectly, your life will change.

Mercy and compassion

God shows mercy to those who are merciful but judges those who aren’t. Mercy is an essential characteristic of God. Therefore, we, too, should have mercy and compassion. Jesus was always merciful, and the mercy of the Christ is the eternal mercy of God. Being merciful is like when parents are considerate of their children, loving them in all circumstances. The opposite of mercy is viciousness. A vicious person would squash a helpless bug, but you need to be compassionate. You need to love even your enemies; that is perfect compassion.