1 Peter 5:7

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Today’s Scripture was written by Jesus’ beloved disciple, Peter, who had personally experienced Christ’s love and recorded it in the Bible.

Entrusting things to the Lord is the same as entrusting things to God. This is because God sent the savior to the earth, and through him saved lives and solved all the problems of the body and spirit.

Using the savior’s body, God and the Holy Spirit resolved the pain of those who followed, cured illnesses for those who were sick, and resolved the problems and concerns of the church. Furthermore, They always take care of the worries and concerns of our daily lives, and They provide what we need at each time.

Therefore, leave your worries to God and the Lord. God and the Holy Spirit are omnipotent and omniscient, so They are capable of handling everything you entrust to Them with gladness and joy. They make what’s impossible possible and do what is unimaginable or unexpected. Entrust your life to God and the Lord. They will guide you and grant you blessings.

Do not try to resolve matters on your own

You must leave your anxieties to the Lord. Many people shipwreck their faith from worrying deeply about their difficulties instead of entrusting them to the Lord. The Lord could have solved them easily if they had only entrusted them to him. 

Thinking of and focusing only on yourself will lead to disappointment and failure. You cannot succeed on your own because:

  • you lack the skills,
  • you don’t have the abilities,
  • you don’t have good luck,
  • God is not with you,
  • and because demons and Satan will block and control you.

The faith of entrusting to the Lord

If you believe in and love God and the Lord, you become united with them. So if you cast your anxiety on them, they will resolve a lot of things. You must speak to the Lord about your troubles, thinking, “He will know only when I tell him.” Only then will your problems will be resolved!

Entrusting to the Lord what you should entrust to him is also faith, and it shows that a person acknowledges the Lord and has realized him properly. You cannot entrust things to the Lord unless you believe in him and acknowledge him. You need to know who the Lord is, acknowledge him, trust him, and entrust all your worries to him.

Entrust your salvation, body, and spirit to the Lord

The Lord is God’s body. He has overcome death and Satan because God is with him, so he can do anything! Therefore, no one can block the Lord.

If individuals, families, nations, and the world entrust things to the Lord, he will easily take care of them because he is the king of love and peace. 

However, since you don’t entrust things and don’t have the power to fulfill them on your own either, you end up carrying the baggage of life on your own, worrying, being anxious and concerned, and going on the path of suffering while being unable to prosper.

Those who entrust things to the Lord succeed and prosper

Those who entrusted to the Lord eventually solve their problems and succeed, so they live rejoicing, eating, and drinking with the Lord in life.

Therefore, entrust your worries to the Lord, entrust your salvation to the Lord, entrust your life to the Lord, and entrust your soul and spirit to the Lord. Also, confess your sins to the Lord and get rid of them. Only then will you live a life as the counterpart of love to God and the Lord and be able to live joyfully without feeling empty.

Starting now, take action through prayer right away so that you can entrust what you need to entrust to the Lord! Those who entrust things to the Lord will succeed and prosper!