1 Thessalonians 5:1-23

God can see from Heaven all the people of the earth at a glance.

Psalm 8:6

You made them rulers over the works of your hands; you put everything under their feet.

Revelation 1:14  

……his eyes were like blazing fire. 

Revelation 2:18

……whose eyes are like blazing fire……

Like these scriptures, God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son always watch the lives on the earth, and They watch them at a glance just as you can see your whole body. They watch the lives with eyes like blazing fire.

The Trinity governs the deeds of good and evil, and They give people blessings or judgment according to their deeds.

People often ask, “How come God does not prevent the wicked from killing people?”

That is not true. God does keep them from doing it. In fact, God does not let them commit murder. How does He do that? How does He prevent people from murdering?

Whether it is ten times or a hundred times, God makes the wicked realize about the wrongful nature and consequences of their evil actions so that they will not commit the wicked deed.

However, if they still do wicked deeds, then God watches their heart and deeds with eyes like blazing fire, and according to their wicked deeds,

God repays their bodies ten times, or a hundred times; and He repays their spirits ten thousand times, or a hundred thousand times.

People often say, “God is omnipotent and omniscient. Why doesn’t He prevent murderers from killing? They are killing people who should not die…”

Only God knows everything.

However, regardless of any reason, if a person commits murder, he has to surely pay the price even if he repents. If there is a person who suffered an undeserved death, God also repays his spirit.

God governs all things fairly and repays them. You receive according to your deeds.

Those who do their own work take action on their own, and God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son watch them, help them, and do it with them.

If you want to exist, you have to always do your own work automatically, as you would breathe.

I bless everyone to develop a habit of taking action, to become experts, and to be professional and omnipotent in your work!

You have to ignite your thoughts, body, and take action. The person next to you cannot do it.

Everyone has the ability to do it. Everyone has the strength to do it. If you take action, you will gain strength, and power will come. Helpers will help you, and the Trinity will come.

A person who has done all the work they should do will succeed.

Value the things you have received.

For those who believe in and love the eternal God and do righteous deeds with joy, their glory is eternal both on the earth and in Heaven.

If you lift weights, your muscles become noticeably stronger even though it is not visible right away.

In this way, if you take action, even though you cannot see it with your eyes at first, both good and righteousness will become noticeable internally.

If you act through prayer, it will really make a noticeable difference. If you take action using the weapon of the Word, the difference will be apparent.