A person’s thoughts have to change. Then the world will change.

It was around the time when I was 24. Since I’m now 53, this was about 30 years ago. At that time, I was following a few political activists, received education from them, and even participated in riots and threw rocks. It was that kind of a time. I got involved in that kind of thing without knowing.

But then, a family emergency came up at that time. My mom became very ill, so I had to figure out what to do to resolve my family crisis. Since I wasn’t able to resolve it, I felt so helpless.

Then, I started to listen to Bible studies from Providence Church. When I heard the Word for the first time, it was so new and so groundbreaking. Before I was conscripted into the army, I thought, “I need to quickly change this country in order to change this wrongful world.” So that’s why I studied political activism to change myself. But after listening to the Word, I realized that the world doesn’t change just because the environment changes. People’s thoughts have to change in order for the world to change.

In the course of learning the Word, I experienced the greatness of the Word, went through spiritual experiences little by little, and was even able to resolve my family’s crisis, which was my earnest wish. From then on, my faith started to grow.


Reflecting on myself through the Word from Providence Church

Since I kept listening to the Word, I started to see my own flaws.
“Ah, I was wrong,” I realized.

So I went to my friend whom I used to get mad at easily and apologized, “Hey, while listening to the Word, I realized that my behavior was wrong. I realized my shortcomings. It wasn’t that you were wrong. I realized that I have a rough personality, and that’s the reason I keep butting heads with others. Through the Word, I reflected on myself and have realized my wrongs. I repent. I’m sorry. Since it’s my fault, please guide me, teach me, and lead me well.”

When I said that, my friend felt more sorry for me instead. I realized that “winning” wasn’t important. When I realize my wrongs, repent, and sincerely ask for forgiveness, my mind and my spirit grow. I realized this at that moment.