Hi, I’m Dr. S. I come from Singapore. I majored in electrical engineering, and I work as a research scientist in the field of computer security. It’s been about 19 years since I’ve come to Providence.

Did you believe in God since you were young?

I didn’t really come from a Christian background because my parents and my relatives did not go to church. However, when I was growing up, both of my best friends from high school were really active Christians. So they would share the Word with me and talk about the Bible. Sometimes, they would even bring me to church.

I had a really good time. The atmosphere was really nice. But I couldn’t accept the teachings and interpretation of the Bible because there were many contradictions I couldn’t resolve.

As you can see from my profession, I’m a really logical and rational person. Whenever there’s some logical flaw, it makes it very difficult for me to accept it.

So how did you begin learning Bible studies from Providence Church?

After high school, I moved on to serve my compulsory military service in Singapore. During that time, there was a colleague of mine who brought me to a bible study. That was my first contact with Providence Church.

As I listened to the Word, I found that it was really logical. When I looked at it from a physical point of view or even from a religious or spiritual point of view, all the Word made sense. So I continued to listen to the Word one after another. And eventually, I finished all the lessons that our Bible teacher Jung Myung Seok taught.

However, after I finished all the lessons, yeah, I could accept them logically. And I felt like they were really good teachings. But I felt that there was something missing. And that missing thing stopped me from having the determination to join Providence Church. It was at that time that I had the opportunity to actually meet with the teacher Jung Myung Seok.

What was it about Jung Myung Seok that made you realize about God?

I spent quite some time with him, being really close with him. That was the time I really came to witness for myself how he worked and how he spent his entire life every single day from early morning until late at night to do the work of God.

Whether he was preaching the Word, talking to people, eating, or playing sports and praising God—basically in everything he was doing—I could feel that he was always thinking how he could put in the Word of God and how he could share or display God’s love through the things he was doing.

So through that process, I came to truly feel the love of God through him. I remember vividly one night when he was talking to a group of us. He was so tired physically that as he was talking to us, he would slowly close his eyes. In front of our eyes, he passed out. At that time, we were so shocked. We didn’t know what to do. But after a few moments, he opened his eyes again and continued to talk and converse with us.

It was just like a phone that’s completely drained of its battery. If you plug it in the charger, it’ll charge a bit to 1%. And then if you turn it on, you can use it for a few seconds before it’ll shut off again.

So he really pushed himself to the extreme. It wasn’t just for one night. But it was every day that I spent observing him. I truly witnessed his determination to live the life of God and to live the life of preaching and demonstrating God in reality.

Do you have any last words you want to share?

Just like the teacher Jung Myung Seok, I myself have determined myself to also show and demonstrate the love of God to all people of this world.