2,900 years ago in North Israel, there was a king named Ahab. He married Jezebel of the Gentiles, who brought idol worship into God’s nation, Israel. Since God loves all mankind like a lover, He was extremely saddened, seeing people bow down to the idols.

Therefore, God sent Prophet Elijah to King Ahab: “If you and your people in Israel don’t stop worshipping idols, there will be neither rain nor dew in Israel for several years.” As Elijah had prayed, rain ceased to fall upon Israel for 3½ years.

Since King Ahab had commanded his men to kill Elijah, Elijah fled and hid near the Kerith Ravine, according to God’s instructions. Using ravens, God sent bread and meat to Elijah. Elijah ate the food from the ravens, barely managing to survive.

Three years later, on Mt. Carmel, Elijah appeared before King Ahab and his people and won a decisive battle against 850 prophets who worshipped the idols. With Elijah’s victory, the people of Israel obeyed Elijah and destroyed all the prophets of idolatry.

In this time period, we also have to choose between good and evil. The path that we choose will ultimately determine the eternal outcome of our spirits.