4,400 years ago, God saw how corrupt the world had become. So, He commanded Noah to build an ark because He was going to render judgment by flood. While making the ark, Noah went into town and preached the Word of God. However, aside from Noah’s family of eight, nobody else listened to Noah. In the end, when the judgment day came, the flood wiped out everything on the face of the earth.

God does not actually want to judge anyone. Before He judges, God always does His best to relinquish the judgment, if possible, by sending a person to forewarn mankind and to convey His words to them. God tells us His earnest feelings through that person, so we should deeply understand God’s feelings.

During this time period as well, God is conveying His heart via the Word of love, through the person He has sent. We have to find the Word that announces the arrival of the new time period, and we must get into the “ark” at all costs.