James 2:17

In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. 

Raising your grade in any subject from a B to an A is a difficult thing to do.

You can only score an A when you answer all the problems correctly or miss one or two answers.

In most cases, if you can answer the most difficult questions on a test, you can get an A. Compared to other problems, the hardest problems are the most difficult. So it makes you feel like you have to practice them a lot to get an A.

The best way to raise your level is to take action. When you take action, your level will rise.

At first, things may not go well. But the more you take action, the better you will get.

Everything gets resolved through action.

You have to do things by taking action in order to gain bigger things.

Whether something is urgent or not doesn’t matter. The answer is taking action.

If you keep postponing things, things that would have worked out will not. Later on, you will forget about doing it. And the work you forget about won’t come to mind. So you will not do it.

Think about the things God and Jesus took action on in the Bible. Think about the things that the prophets and the central figures actually did.

The Method to Taking Action

There are four steps to taking action.

First, you have to pray.

Second, you have to think about the things you are going to take action on.

Third, once you have taken action, you should take a moment to briefly recharge. After you have rested, then immediately move to do the next task.

Fourth, while you are taking action, you should call the Holy Spirit and the Lord. You should take action together with Them.

When taking action, you should not take action while looking at only one thing.

Instead, you have to take action while looking at many things from all sides.

Problems will occur if you take action while looking at only one thing.

If you take action incorrectly, you will incur losses as much as you take action. In that case, it is worse than if you hadn’t done anything at all.

You have to think well before taking action.

You should take action, but do it at a high level.

In order to act perfectly, you have to surely call the Holy Trinity and take action with Them.

Everything gets solved when you take action.

If you want to raise your level, you have to pray deep prayers. And you have to have deep conversations with the Trinity.

This week, keep taking action continuously so that the things you should do will not get backed up. And for the work you should do in your daily life, take action as if you were fighting against time for every second, trying to catch light, and running a race.