Have you ever looked at people’s facial expressions?

Today I am going to tell you about the importance of smiling.

When I attended school, I attended as an art student. One of my hobbies was to go out to the city or to a random park, find a sunny place, sit down with a paper and pencil in my hand, and start observing the people who passed by.

Recently, I was going through my books and rediscovered my art journal containing my street sketches.

I was surprised.

But it wasn’t the good surprise you’d expect from the nostalgia welling up within me.

As I flipped the pages one by one, I noticed something peculiar. I could not find one smiling face. All I could see were neutral faces or frowning ones. It made me question how many people are really living a happy life.

It reminded me something my church pastor, Pastor Jung Myung Seok, said before:

“Everyone finds it hard to maintain a smiling face. It’s actually really hard to naturally have a smiling, peaceful face all the time. You have to think about it and mold your face into a smiling face by practicing in front of a mirror.” – Jung Myung Seok

It’s just like a wrinkle on your face. Once your face is wrinkled, it’s hard for your skin to revert back to its once soft baby-like skin. You can only improve it by paying special attention to it, like giving your face massages or applying beauty cream. The same is true with smiling.

But how do we take care of our smile?

People smile when they have things that they are happy or excited about. If you have a lot of things to laugh about in your daily life, you will smile and laugh a lot.

If you laugh more than you frown, your facial muscle will lean towards smiling.

So all you need to do is make your life fun and exciting so that you’ll smile a lot.

But that’s easier said than done… How can we smile more?

Having positive and healthy thoughts is the answer!

When you only have 50% on your battery, instead of saying, “Dang! I only have 50% left…” try saying, “Oh! I have 50% left!” You’re saying the same thing, but your thoughts are different.

Make your face ease up by smiling. Both your heart and your face should smile more. They should by at peace. By doing so, your health will also noticeably improve.

It’s true.

Trust me, you will feel more at peace and your body will also feel healthy!