There are many reasons people can’t be happy. Some aren’t happy because they have nothing to eat. Others aren’t happy because they have nothing to wear. Still others say they aren’t happy because they have no where to sleep.

However, the real reason people aren’t happy is they don’t give glory to God.

You have to praise God.

But you may ask, why should I praise God?

God is the One who created us and all things on Earth. He created the environment we live in and all the things we rely on. So we should give him the proper glory he deserves.

I used to be a skeptic as well. When I was young, there was a huge mountain in front of my house. I used to wonder, “Did God really create that mountain in front of my house? Like boom! It’s there?”

That was when I received an inspiration.

When you try to draw a person, will you be able to draw anything if you don’t move your pen? Even if it’s one eyebrow, it will be there because you drew it there. If your pen doesn’t go there, nothing can be draw where you want things.

In the same way, God already had plans and ideas about everything on Earth before he created it. God originally had a tremendous will and goal for us. He planned it all out from the beginning.

So that is why you have to praise God in your life. I’m not just talking about singing. You should glorify God with your actions and with your words. When you do, something miraculous will happen.

What do you think?

You will live a happy life.

This is a promise God has given us.

The secret to how to live a happy life is to praise God. ~ Jung Myung Seok