Jeremiah 32:27

“I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?”

The Lord can do all things because God takes action through him.

In Isaiah 11, it says, “…the Spirit of God will rest upon him, and he will take action with wisdom, understanding, and counsel.”

Therefore, through the Lord, God takes action with justice, wisdom, and knowledge, so that things are done peacefully and harmoniously.

God ultimately takes action through the Lord. Only then do the Lord’s deeds  become God’s deeds, allowing God to fulfill His Will.

Have you realized that the Lord’s powers are without limit?

Even though we cannot see God, we can see how God has worked through the one He sent. The deeds of the Lord were truly profound, astonishing, and remarkable. As a result, he fulfilled God’s purpose! In all aspects of life, he fulfilled God’s Will and fulfilled the purpose!

The Lord is a man of action. He is a man of action in faith!  Thus, all of us need to practice faith that is based on actions.

God revealed the perfect secrets of heaven through the Lord. So in the end, the Lord fulfilled everything.

As for the Lord’s disciples, when they did things according to his words, everything he had said came true.

Truly, nothing is impossible with God!

Now that we have come to life, we should become one with our resurrected Lord and do what’s necessary to gather in the treasures of Heaven!