Proverbs 13:12

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

If the Lord came to you today and said, “I will make your wish come true,” what would you say? What is your greatest wish in life? Your wish is likened to your purpose. What is your fundamental purpose in life? People travel all around the world to try to find it. The only person who knows the answer is the one sent by God. He is the one who informs all mankind through the Word. Therefore, in order to fulfill the purpose, you must listen to the Word of the time period and have hope; that is the only way that you can fulfill your goal in life. You must be earnest towards the purpose so that you don’t end up losing it.

Do you have a purpose in life?

Many people live in one of two ways: they either live without having fulfilled life’s purpose, or they don’t live the life of the purpose even though they have fulfilled it. In the end, it is you who must live your own life. 

Has your purpose become hazy? Why do you live life without a purpose? Or why do you live without fulfilling your purpose? Living life is very important. If you cannot live a life that fulfills the ultimate purpose, you will be like a “fruitless tree.” When you fulfill and live for the purpose, all hopes and ideals will also come true. 

Spend time wisely towards the purpose

If you know your life’s purpose, then you can spend time on that and use time wisely for your entire life. If you do not know your life’s purpose, then you will do meaningless and unnecessary things, be full of regrets later on, and be unable to do things in the correct order. In order to gain an opportunity, you must do things in the right order. In everyday life, you must use time properly towards God’s Will and your purpose. 

Your purpose is fulfilled once you fulfill God’s purpose

Are you seeking eternal love and happiness? You will find it only within God’s Will and Purpose. You need a clear sense of purpose and strong determination in order to fulfill God’s Will—and hence, your own will through that. 

Live an ideal life by strengthening your purpose. Living, itself, is important. So, how are you living your life? You must live each day being united with God and fulfilling His Purpose together. If you fulfill that purpose, then you have fulfilled the purpose physically and spiritually. Fulfillment of your own purpose will simply end with the physical body. 

You must command yourself so that you aren’t just told what to do. Take action on the Will yourself. Be sure to regain your first love for God. You must value the Word once again. 

Why did God create this world?

People feel empty in life because they have yet to find or fulfill the purpose God has for them. If you don’t know God’s reason for Creation, then your life becomes meaningless. God created this world and mankind for the purpose of making human beings into His spiritual counterparts. Therefore, you must not live only for yourself but for the greater purpose of fulfilling eternal love with God. 

Now is the time to fulfill God’s Purpose of Creation

Regain your sense of life’s purpose and realize that the Lord is the only one who can fulfill all of your desires, wishes, and hopes in life. Do not lose the sense of purpose, even if you have already fulfilled it. Now is the time of grace and fulfilment of God’s Will of love. If you fail to do the right work at the right opportunity, you won’t have any strength, hopes, or dreams. However, if you set your heart, mind, and thoughts towards God’s Purpose of Creation, your purpose will also be fulfilled, and you will have joy and happiness eternally in Heaven, as well as in the body.