Matthew 11:29

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

The main point of today’s message is “Come to the Lord. Learn from the Lord. Take action, and teach others so that they can take action.”

When you put the Lord’s Word into practice, you can become the Lord’s disciple or even an apostle. However, you need to live as a counterpart of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord, instead of someone else’s counterpart. That is why you need to learn from the Lord and put what you have learned into practice. Only then can you live a life united with the Lord.

Those who take action without learning from the Lord cannot act in ways fitting to the Trinity’s heart.

The Lord was able to make salvation history because he had learned from God and the Holy Spirit before taking action.

If you could condense the entire Bible into a short statement, this is what it would be:

“Come to God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord. Learn from Them, take action, and deliver what you have learned to everyone. By doing so, make disciples, make them become people of God, and make God’s history happen on earth.”

At this time, the Lord is telling us,

“Come to me. Learn from me. Then take action. And then teach what you have learned to everyone. By doing so, you will make history.”


Unless you learn, you cannot do it

There is a saying: “It takes some knowledge to play the part.” To play the part, you need to go beyond your current understanding.

In other words, you cannot do something unless you learn. You need to learn in order to escape your current understanding and domain.

People need to learn before they can become a pastor or a leader. Even the Messiah had to learn beforehand.

Those who act without learning cannot lead their followers.

In the world, there are many who teach. They teach about religion, politics, and life. However, there is no one who teaches satisfyingly, perfectly, and completely.

That is why God teaches and sends a prophet, or the Messiah, at each era, so that they can become the body of God who knows and takes action according to His Will.

When people work, there are areas they do well in. However, there are also many unnecessary things they do because they did not learn.

You have to learn one thing at a time and do everything fitting God and the Lord’s heart.

Even in your life of faith, you need to learn. Only then can you do it. And only then can you teach others and lead them to the path of salvation.

The Old and the New Testament

Christians learn while centering on Jesus. The people of the Old Testament do not know the words of the New Testament.

Since the owner of the New Testament is Jesus, people can only come to know when Jesus teaches them.

The Israelites in the Old Testament learned the Law of Moses and thought that was everything. However, the Law was something God had conducted just in the old time period, the Old Testament.

When Jesus came, people needed to learn the work God was doing while centering on Jesus; he was the Messiah of the new time period. Only then could they fulfill the salvation history of the time period.

However, the religious people in the Old Testament did not learn from Jesus. And so, they did not know.

Eventually, they persecuted Jesus out of ignorance. They slandered him, and they ultimately killed him by crucifixion.

Even now, those who did not learn from the Lord, and thus do not know properly, frustrate him, torment him, and make him bear the cross.

That is why the Holy Spirit says, “Always teach them. When they gather, teach them and make them put the Word into practice.”

Even now, the Lord is the head. Therefore, you need to learn from the Lord and take action.

Many people and religious groups have ended up like John the Baptist. Those who know can help to advance God’s history presently.

I bless you to realize just how tremendous and valuable learning and knowing is!

Those who do not know end without knowing

You must realize how much you will resent not knowing. Learn the Lord’s method, and learn the Lord’s truth.

Those who have not learned do not even know when an entire era has transpired. As they live, each day becomes a sad day.

Now is when you need to rise up and shine the light of learning, while running the good race. That time is now!

The Lord says, “I will teach you as I have promised, so learn.”

His teachings are eternal teachings, and they are perfect.

Those who have not learned are so frustrating that it is almost impossible to work together. Rather than saying you have already learned, when looking at what you have done until now, you have to try learning again.


Learn about all things

I bless you to learn everything about all aspects of life!

You need to learn the Word pertaining to your current situation. You must put it into practice and also teach it.

You should pray more in order to learn, and ask the Holy Spirit to make you realize.

The Holy Spirit has told us already, “Learn from Me. I will teach you.”

People should help God, but most people cannot because they do not know how.

But if you learn, you can do it. If people teach others after they themselves learn thoroughly, they can also produce people of their level.

If you learn from the Lord, you will become a counterpart at the Lord’s level.

Everyone should learn and give glory to the Trinity during this time of resurrection!


When you learn, you need to learn properly and clearly

You should not learn with your own mentality. You need to learn with mentality of Heaven and the Lord. Then you can learn clearly.

Regardless of when you started attending church, from a long time ago or just recently, those who learn and then take action can do the Lord’s work even if they are new.

There is a leader who has learned for over 50 years. He can do God’s work because he has learned and now knows.

Some leaders act according to their thoughts while talking big even though they have not learned properly. That is why God and the Lord see them and rebuke them.

When parrots learn words, they mimic the sounds they hear exactly. No parrot can speak well if they have not learned.

Everyone should learn.

Everyone should learn from the Lord, take action, and teach others. By doing so, I hope you will testify for God who holds knowledge and wisdom in His grasp!

I hope everyone can become people who learn and take action. I will post sermons online, so I hope you can learn through reading the Word.


Tips for preachers

Recently, I heard that the preachers whom I have coached are helping their congregation connect with the Holy Spirit more, so they are happier.

In order to preach sermons fierily, you need to do three things: read the Bible and continue studying it, pray sincerely with effort, and keep the Holy Spirit very close to you.

So I hope you will make time to read the Bible, study it, and keep petitioning for the Holy Spirit to be with you. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit who testifies for the Lord.

You will have nothing to say if you have not received inspiration from the Holy Spirit. You need to keep learning; then you will have things you wish to say.

I hope you can learn clearly from the Lord and take action. And I hope you will become an example before many and teach them.

When new people come, you need to teach them thoroughly and properly. The first time they come to church is very important.

Do not teach in a boring way. Try to teach in a fun and meaningful way, while still upholding the authority of the Word. If you do, those people can realize about the Lord and take action.

Some people do not know the Lord properly even though they have been coming to church for five years. This is because they have not learned about the Lord thoroughly.

You should not settle for shallow faith. Since you are taking action before God, you must do it with fear and trembling.

Learn well. Take action well. Teach well. Then God will continuously bless you wherever you are.

I bless you to have the Lord’s wisdom, understanding, insight, and brilliance to make God’s history more meaningful and beautiful.