Matthew 5:8

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

When it comes to your heart, thoughts, and actions, the more you polish them, the more they will become like soft skin and smooth waters, and thus, they will shine.

As a result of doing that, you will not bring pain upon yourself and you will not bring pain and suffering to others either.  Additionally, you will gain things instead of losing them.

Your polished heart, thoughts, and actions will become like a mirror, reflecting their states to both the Trinity and other people.  Thus, everyone will be able to recognize your heart, thoughts, and actions and value them.

People who have polished their hearts, thoughts, and actions, so that they are like soft skin and smooth waters the way that God desires, are great masterpieces. Their bodies will shine and their spirits will also gain eternal love and glory.

Try polishing a rough stone to make it as smooth as a pebble. It takes hundreds and thousands of strokes.

In the same way, if you want to make your heart, thoughts, character, and actions smooth, you have to take action hundreds and thousands of times with soft words, thoughts, and actions.

The more you develop and polish yourself:
– the more you will become strong in the power of goodness,
– the more you will become strong in various forms of righteousness and wisdom, and
– and the more you will become strong in the power of love.

Look at the sun. How soft is its glow?

Look at the earth. Isn’t it like the soft and warm embrace of a mother?

Look at water. Even though water is fluid, it is capable of carving images out of hard rocks by digging into them with great force.

When soft water continues to crash into the rocky coastal cliffs, it smooths out those rough cliffs into soft forms. When you polish your thoughts, words, and actions, you also go from being rough around the edges to being soft and gentle.

Soft flowing water polishes all the rocks in the streams and rivers and make them smooth.

No one else can polish what belongs to you. Therefore, it will remain unchanged if you yourself don’t take action.

Only the things you have done are done.

Those who have polished themselves and have made themselves perfect are with the Trinity during not only their lifetime in their physical body, but also for spiritual eternity.