Matthew 5:48
Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Psalm 18:25-26
25To the faithful you show yourself faithful, to the blameless you show yourself blameless, 26to the pure you show yourself pure, but to the devious you show yourself shrewd.

The Scripture says that to the blameless God shows Himself blameless. It means that when you do things perfectly yourself, you will come to know about God’s perfection. For example, if you answer all the test questions perfectly, then you will come to know that you have done everything perfectly and correctly. So to the perfect, God shows His perfection. To those who are incomplete, God shows Himself to be incomplete. It’s the effect of people’s psychology.

We should be perfect as God is perfect.

I will present the Word about perfection in the form of proverbs:

1. A person who takes action perfectly succeeds.

2. You have to do things perfectly; only then will problems not occur.

3. A perfect life is a satisfying life.

4. A perfect person is appropriate for God to use. Therefore, everybody has to become perfect.

God seeks such people and uses such people. Being perfect means achieving perfection with regards to the Word, faith, accepting the Lord’s actions perfectly, and taking action perfectly.

Doing things perfectly is not difficult to do. It may take a little bit of time, and you may face difficulties from time to time. However, if you’re willing to do it, it’s easy. For example, you know perfectly that 9 times 9 is 81, right? That’s knowing perfectly. If you believe the Lord absolutely without wavering, then you are a person who believes perfectly. With faith, if you do each item, one by one perfectly, then you will come to do a lot of things perfectly.

5. God and the Holy Spirit have carried out 6,000 years of history in order to establish a perfect world.

6. Without interpreting the Bible perfectly and accurately, one cannot correctly know about history, God’s Will, or the advent of the Lord. But if you interpret the Bible correctly and perfectly, you will come to know everything.

7. God fulfills His Will upon the perfect person.

God said to Noah, “Noah, you are a righteous, perfect person.” And He fulfilled His Will centering on Noah at that time. God fulfills the Will through the one who is perfect.

8. The more you are unable to take action perfectly, the more things will not work out, and the more losses you will incur.

9. Both God and the Holy Spirit are perfect, so if you want to be united with Them, you must do things perfectly.

A piece of gold will never become one with a piece of silver. Likewise, you must be tuned in to the same channel as someone else to watch the same program. This is the absolute principle and the absolute law. In the same way, when we do things perfectly, whether it’s big or small, we can connect with God.

If you do things perfectly and pray, you’ll immediately connect with God. But if you pray without doing things perfectly, you may receive an incomplete answer or receive something that’s based on your own will instead. Alternatively, you may end up thinking that God didn’t fulfill your wish. Those who are perfect will connect with God. Therefore, let’s do things perfectly.

10. The Lord is perfect, so he gives the perfect Word. And because he knows God perfectly, he surely fulfills God’s perfect purpose.