Proverbs 4:23

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Thoughts are universal. More so than their bodies, people’s thoughts are much more alike. For example, everyone likes to be treated well. Furthermore, just like the idiom, “birds of a feather flock together,” people gather according to their thoughts and hearts—religious people according to their beliefs and politicians according to their views. But at a fundamental level, thoughts are life, and through thoughts you become a divine being.

Guard your heart and thoughts

According to Proverbs 4:23, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it,” life flows from your heart. Therefore, you must always guard your heart and be aware of where it flows. Also, always monitor where your mind and thoughts are. Incorrect thoughts can lead to accidents or even death. For example, when you’re driving, looking away momentarily could lead to a collision. In faith, too, when you become distracted and look away from God, you’ll collide with Satan. So you must always be alert and think twice before doing anything. If your thoughts start to deviate, think again. If you do, God will bless you even more.

Don’t let your thoughts be idle

You have to be fully alert in three areas: thoughts, mentality, and heart. If someone were to ask, “What are you thinking right now?” most people wouldn’t have anything particular in mind. But if your thoughts are idle, your body will also be idle. Therefore, you will achieve nothing. Your body’s movements stem from your thoughts. So if you’re having difficulty initiating something even though the desire is there, the root of the problem is actually your thoughts. Whereas if you’re alert and focused, you’ll be able to start at a high level right away.

Don’t think of thoughts as just a bundle of nerves, but instead think of them as a person. Just as a person should avoid developing bad habits, thoughts should also not develop bad habits. You must train your thoughts well. Thoughts have to be diligent, just like the body. Your thoughts have to be good, strong, brave, bold, and deep.

Thoughts are the engine of life

Although human thoughts are limited, they become powerful when the mind is focused. You, yourself, have to do well. If you do something wrong, even having a bodyguard won’t help. Your thoughts are your ‘bodyguard.’ Only when you focus and think in detail will you recognize and deduce things in advance. The strength of your mind—how focused you are—determines your mind’s power.

Thoughts are that tremendous energy in life, like a person’s engine. When you focus your mind, thoughts, and love, you become stimulated and excited. With this mentality and heart, you can accomplish things quickly, efficiently, and easily. In faith, too, focus your mind and invest all your heart, will, and life. When you take action with all your strength, God is happy.

Stimulate your brain with good thoughts

Some people wonder, “I’m existing, but am I alive?” These people’s thoughts have actually become dull. The brain is a bundle of nerves, so it feels according to whatever it sees, hears, and experiences—whatever stimulates it. And when you stimulate your nerves, your thoughts change. If you wake up in the morning and your thoughts are dull, breathing in some fresh air will stimulate your brain. In the same way, hearing good things and taking action will also stimulate a person’s brain and change their thoughts.

Similarly, thoughts change when they are stimulated by negative things or incorrect perceptions and misunderstandings. Therefore, wisdom is discernment. Those who are not wise cannot discern, so be sure to discern correctly in a way that benefits God.

Center your thoughts on God

Your brain develops your heart and thoughts according to whatever it sees, hears, touches, and learns. Therefore, you think according to what you know; if you keep thinking about what to eat or what to wear, your thoughts will constantly revolve around food or clothes. So gain knowledge of good things—things of God—and entrust your thoughts to God. He will form your thoughts into good thoughts, and by thinking about God, your heart will be trained to center on Him.

In this way, living a good life of faith isn’t determined by what you do with your hands and feet, but it’s determined by your brain. Thoughts determine whether God exists or doesn’t exist and whether you believe or don’t believe. Therefore, you must convince your thoughts to believe well, and you must take action so that your thoughts will change.

Your strength is determined by your thoughts

Whenever you feel lonely or troubled, having someone beside you can strengthen you. But if there is no one, that time will be difficult to overcome. At those moments, your strength is determined by your thoughts. You need to have determination and the mentality to comfort yourself. If you strengthen your thoughts, they will protect you. You should realize that there are things that God does for you and there are things you need to do on your own. If you are discouraged and you give up, then even God cannot help you. Therefore, you, yourself, must be determined not to give up and instead to push forward to the end.

People often rely on others, including their parents. However, you shouldn’t rely too heavily on them, but you should rely on yourself instead. If you rely too much on others and they don’t meet your expectations, you’ll feel upset. But if you’re doing something for yourself, you’ll do it tenaciously. Don’t rely too much on God either because He won’t do everything for you. Rather, He will help you at the right time.

Thoughts are reality

Instead of thinking that thoughts and reality are separate, you should recognize that thoughts become reality. When you think, your brain feels in reality and takes action through the body. So it’s not only the body that is real, but thoughts themselves are also real.

To think well, you have to keep listening to the Word of God. The Word will change your mentality and your perceptions. It’s in your thoughts that things become either positive or negative and destiny is then determined. That’s why you need to make your body, heart, and thoughts strong and brave by polishing them.