Pastor Jung Myung Seok values time immensely—so much so that he’ll fight to gain even one second. As the president of Providence, he has a tremendous number of things to do every day. Even when it seems like he has a lot of time, once he delves into his work, he finds that he doesn’t have enough time to complete it. 

People often say that the purpose of life is to eat well and live well, to find your soulmate and live loving that person, or to achieve fame and wealth while enjoying all kinds of things. They say that this is what brings the greatest happiness in life, and so they live in in this way. However, Pastor Jung Myung Seok thinks differently.

After learning from God about human beings’ spirits and visiting the spiritual world many times, he said,

“If you were to go to Hell or Heaven even just once, then you wouldn’t live an ignorant life only for such physical things. If you were to go to Hell or Heaven and see, then without anyone ever having to tell you anything, you would realize this well on your own and live acting on your realizations.

You would wonder, ‘How can I avoid Hell?’ and ‘How can I go to Heaven?’ You would live searching only for that path and making it your happiness to live in ways that are related only to that path.”

Since he has learned and come to know clearly about Heaven and Hell, he is now teaching everyone.

Pastor Jung knows how amazing Heaven is, so he does his best to walk the path that leads to Heaven while helping others to do the same. Although it can be laborious, the reward for loving God and the Messiah and for putting the Word to practice until the end is ‘Heaven.’ And with it comes happiness that lasts forever. He has also experienced Hell and knows how terrible it is. Thus, he does his best to escape going to Hell while preventing other people from walking towards death. The payment for not believing in or loving God and the Messiah until the end, or for believing but not repenting while living self-centered lives immersed in worldly love, is ‘Hell.’ And the suffering of Hell lasts forever.

Even if a person learns and does everything in the world, if they only do things of the world, they only gain what belongs to the world. And since they only gain things of the world, everything will end when their life on earth ends.

Temporary happiness and pleasure they previously enjoyed will dissipate in a flash upon entering the spiritual world. Instead, constant pain and suffering will quickly surge up and devour their spirit. However, if they live for their spirit, which lives forever in the eternal world of Heaven, then they’ll be fine even when their body dies because their spirit will be saved and will enjoy eternal happiness.

Pastor Jung preaches with an anxious heart when it comes to choosing the path of life. There are two paths one can take: one of temporary joy that leads to eternal suffering or one of temporary toil that leads to eternal joy.

What use is eating and possessing things, indulging in sexual pleasure, or dancing with joy on earth?

What use is being pleased physically when in the blink of an eye your spirit will go to a place of torment, where it will be gnashing its teeth forever?

Can the joy gained from eating food, enjoying yourself, and loving the world be good for you when doing these things leads you to death?

If you live righteously, loving and serving the Almighty God and doing His work during your brief time on earth, even if you face struggles in your life, your spirit will walk the path of eternal life. Isn’t that eternal joy? 

Even though the path of righteousness may be hard and you may encounter suffering, injustice, hunger, or hardship along the way, there is great hope in knowing that you will enjoy unceasing happiness in the future while walking this path of eternal life. Your current toil is as small as a speck on the Earth when compared to the eternal joy and glory of Heaven.

After so many years of learning from God and analyzing revelations, Pastor Jung realized that knowing these things correctly brings such tremendous happiness.

Knowing is a blessing, and knowing allows you to live in an ideal world free from harm. Why? Because when people are ignorant, they fail to take action and thus fail to gain anything. Or, they live selling what they have gained at a giveaway price because they do not know its value.

Some people pass up a treasure worth 15 million dollars because they don’t know its worth, but one who knows picks it up, sells it for 15 million dollars and lives off of it for the rest of their life.

People who know or who follow the one who truly knows live with the knowledge that they need to have. How comforting and gratifying that is! When you know, you kick away Hell and take action with knowledge; thus receiving blessings and gaining passage to Heaven. When you don’t know, you are bound by ignorance and go to Hell even paying money to do so.

There are many people who believe in idols as their absolute god and creator because they do not know properly. Even though the spirit of the person they believe in went to Hell, they believe in him or her and devote their entire lives to them, wishing to go to a good world after death. See how extremely egregious it is to not know! Therefore, you must know. Only then will you avoid suffering injustice due to ignorance.

Once you know, you need to take action with that knowledge. The success you gain will lead to a happy and joyful life. No matter what you do, if you sit still and do not work hard, put forth effort, and sweat, you will gain nothing.

When sculpting an artwork, if you want to do the job more perfectly, you must work hard and put in more effort by putting your hands on it even more. Only then can you make a sculpture that is even more detailed and perfect.

When making a flower arrangement, if you just place the flowers erratically without thinking, they will not be beautiful or harmonious. However, the more dedicated you are to investing hard work and effort into something, the more beautiful and harmonious it becomes. You will then feel a greater sense of accomplishment and will experience greater happiness too. 

“However, people just try to live comfortably while avoiding things that are difficult and hard,” said Pastor Jung. Some people even consider that as their source of happiness. If you sit still, you’re comfortable for that moment. However, because of that momentary comfort, you will end up suffering for your entire lifetime.

For example, if you leave weeds in the garden instead of pulling them out, you are comfortable and happy for that moment because you are resting and playing with your back straightened. However, the garden will become a field of weeds, a garden of mosquitoes, and even snakes and various pests will gather in and torment you!

People who are diligent pull out all the weeds from their gardens by working hard and putting forth effort, even if the work is hard and back-breaking. By doing so, they ultimately possess and enjoy a beautiful garden.

Living comfortably and happily does not mean that you live while doing nothing and being idle. If you sit still, both your body and your spirit will come to an end, having gained nothing.  To live truly comfortably and happily is to live working hard, putting forth effort, and taking action even if it is difficult and arduous.

By continually doing so, you will gain the things you deserve. Even if it is hard, if you don’t give up but persevere through the hardships and take action repeatedly, you will end up incomparably better off than where you originally were.

Even when writing, if you write comfortably, it will be that much less beautiful, it won’t be pleasing to your heart, and it will be illegible to anyone who tries to read it. But if you write with dedication, it turns out that much better. How true that must be for life too!

Pastor Jung said, “A diligent person will gain as much as they work hard and put forth effort. As a result, they will also enjoy more and live more comfortably. It is the diligent one who will find happiness and live joyfully.” That’s why no matter what difficulties and suffering P. Jung faced, he prayed and continued to take action. Eventually, with help from God in addition to his own efforts, he overcame everything to achieve victory and happiness in the end. Because he is so thankful and grateful, he even wrote a song called “I Am Happy”, which expresses what it means to be truly happy: “Happiness should never fade! It should last eternally; that is joy!” 

The formula for true happiness is living for your eternal spirit while loving God and the Messiah, obeying God’s Word, and multiplying what you have gained by taking action continuously.

Become a person who knows this well so that you will not lose time choosing a path of vain efforts. Moreover, be diligent and gain what you should gain at each moment.

The momentary joy of doing nothing will eventually backfire when the time comes. Being lazy subtracts from a life of happiness. If you want to answer a math question correctly, you need to use the right formula to solve it. Similarly, if you want to receive eternal happiness, you need to use the correct methods that come only from the Truth.

Pastor Jung’s life is like an empirical formula for gaining true happiness, so learning from him is a great starting point. He truly hopes that you can receive eternal happiness and joy from Heaven while living a righteous life.