Matthew 22:36-40

36“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

There was once a unique image rock for sale. However, people did not buy it.

After looking carefully, I realized that people refused to buy it because of its ‘flaw’. But I saw that it was a masterpiece when I did not consider its flaw.

People cannot sell rocks because of their flaws and negative aspects. However, rocks become masterpieces if you buy them and fix their flaws and negative aspects.

Similarly, each person has negatives. Due to these negativespeople do not value them.

God is designing and leading you so that you will enhance the positives and fix the negatives. Therefore, you can fix the negatives by working with God who is an expert at making people.

All you need to do is act according to the Will of God.

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.
~ Romans 8:18

Once you fix the negatives and make yourself well, you will become a masterpiece life. So you should do it even if it is difficult and challenging.

Each of you should develop the parts about yourself that are difficult to make. And you should also make your daily life beautiful.

However, you will be short on time if you try to use yourself only after fully making yourself.

You should use yourself while fixing and developing yourself. Then you will benefit in the process as well, and you will be used for a long time.

The key is to run quickly while fixing yourself quickly. You have to develop yourself quickly as you live life. Only then will you be able to use your life in a great way.

What You Can Do

Try to examine your daily life. If you start late, you will have fewer days left. As a result, the work you need to do will keep getting delayed. And you will end your days without using them very much.

Instead of procrastinating, observe one day in your life. And know that you will live one year, ten years, and a lifetime in a similar way.

When people look at things on a big scale, they cannot see the finer details. So it is hard to fix those details. However, if you miniaturize your perspective and then look at things, you can see things well. And as a result, you can fix them with ease.

I hope that you will examine one day of your life. And then fix yourself while making yourself and your daily life perfect.