John 10:35

If he called them ‘gods,’ to whom the word of God came—and Scripture cannot be set aside—

Matthew 5:48

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

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“People say human beings cannot be perfect. However,  they have the ability to become perfect like God and live a divine life. This is because God create us with the desire for us to be perfect”
-Myung Seok Jung
The Word said, “Be perfect as God is perfect.” When people hear this, it burdens them. People think, “How can we become perfect as God is?”

Although everyone hears the same Word, each person’s realizations may differ. But there are many things that we can already do perfectly. For example, in soccer, when you fail to kick the ball perfectly at the very end, you won’t be able to score. However, if you do score a goal, it means you’ve done it perfectly, 100% satisfactorily. In this way, you have achieved perfection.

Problems result if you don’t do things perfectly

Usually difficulties arise from doing things imperfectly. Ultimately, it’s like that for everything. Either the subject was imperfect or the time period was imperfect, and accidents and problems resulted from that.

When you speak you have to speak perfectly; you have to take action perfectly. But people don’t do things perfectly, leading to injuries and accidents. So in everything you do, whether it be driving, cooking, speaking, or anything else, problems occur if you don’t do things perfectly.

After the washing machine finishes its cycle, you notice that your laundry is wet but still dirty. Why is that? It’s because you forgot to add the detergent. Only when you add the detergent can your laundry be washed perfectly and come out clean.

In the same way, anything that is done imperfectly will cause problems. To recover from those problems, it usually takes a long time. In faith also, you have to have 100% faith. That 100% faith is the state of being perfect. However, people tend to believe in such an ignorant way, not knowing the truth properly. By not knowing properly, they cause problems in their time period, cause problems with their salvation, and even block themselves. As a result, they cannot fulfill God’s Will.

Adam and Eve heard the Word of God but didn’t take action on it. They were immature and couldn’t take action properly, resulting in failure. People who are young only need to take action to a particular degree. But Adam and Eve did not take action perfectly on the Word of God. As a result, God’s Will was shattered. If the representative (in this case, Adam) fails, then everything else shatters. That’s why the representative is so important. Whether it be politics or the history of God, the representatives must do really well.

If you are imperfect, then problems will occur. Even if you may not be able to get exactly what you want, always do your best to make a sacrifice for the sake of what is perfect.

Achieving perfection is a process that requires time and persistent effort. The more people take action perfectly, the more God’s History and God’s Will can be fulfilled in better and greater ways.

What does it mean to be perfect as God is perfect?

It means to resemble God. Thoughts in the brain as well as action in the body should be done perfectly. Take action according to God’s thoughts; then God can fulfill His Will, and a perfect world will take place.

You must be perfect at believing in God’s great Word absolutely. You are considered perfect when you believe in the Word of the time period and follow from the core. Everything else pertains to perfection within daily life; along the way, it’s possible to make mistakes, stumble, and fail to do things properly. These imperfections in daily life are like the minor things, but you can keep fixing them and improving yourself.

You must do all these key things perfectly: listening to the Word, believing the Word, taking action upon the Word, loving God to the extreme, serving Him, and loving your brothers and sisters.

It’s like successfully transporting all of the big furniture items during a move. Tackling the remaining imperfections in our daily lives is like sweeping the dust off the floor after the move.

If you lack confidence to become perfect, have confidence in God! Know that He owns 90% of the shares in your life. So even if you say you can’t do it and want to give up, God can still make things happen. He has 90% of the shares. That’s why God will never come to ruin. Since He wants His shares to survive, He will not let our shares die. So He gives us more, He revives us, and He raises us up again.

Therefore, when God tells you to take action perfectly, realize its meaning, and take action perfectly; then it’ll be completed. On a bigger scale, to live as the counterparts of God and to be in sync with God, we have to be perfect as God is perfect; otherwise it cannot be done. Understand what this means and think to yourself, “Okay, I need to really challenge myself and just do it!”