Deuteronomy 28:6

You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out.

The first thing people must do is solve their present reality instead of the fantasies in their head. We need to look at what we’ve done in reality rather than what we’ve done in our dreams. Before we think of other things, we nee to figure out what we need to do in reality.

God shows us what we have experienced or will experience in reality through dreams. That is why our focus should be on deciphering our reality instead of our dreams.

Our reality is more important than the things we see in our dreams. If we do well in reality, then it doesn’t matter if God gives shows us things in our dreams. In other words, doing well in reality is the same as having a good dream. God can also give you revelations in reality.

A dream I had

The inspiration for this message came to me in a dream. In the dream, I went to a place I go to occasionally. After waking up, I thought about the dream I had, but I couldn’t remember much. So I kept thinking about what kind of dream I had.

At that time, the Holy Spirit gave me an inspiration.

“Reality is more important than dreams. Do the work you need to get done now in reality.”

So rather than continuing to ruminate about the dream I had, I did the work I needed to do at that time. That is how I came to write this message. So today, I will deliver the inspirations the Holy Spirit gave me, so listen carefully.

God gives two kinds of blessings

When God blesses people, He gives them as a pair. This means that there are both physical and spiritual blessings.

People can only give physical blessings. But God gives both physical and spiritual blessings.

God also gives you blessings wherever you go. Even if you venture into the middle of a war zone, you will still receive blessings there. And as a result, you will escape death from war.

Since God is with you, even death will overlook you.

I’ve also had dozens of close calls with death during my time in the Vietnam War. But since God was with me during those times, I lived as a result.

Once God blesses you, you will receive those blessings regardless of where you are. But if your deeds are unrighteous, you will not be able to receive anything.

If your deeds belong to the world of righteousness, they will shine. So darkness, death, pain, evil, and unrighteousness will avoid you. On the other hand, if your deeds belong to the world of unrighteousness, they will be dark. Thus, darkness will devour you.

You need to belong to the world of righteousness and receive God’s blessings. Only then will you receive the two-sided pair of blessings. Only then will your woes become blessings.

God gives His two-sided pair of blessings when He feels it is appropriate

Abraham was one person who received God’s blessings. So he was not constrained to one place. He received blessings wherever he went.

On the other hand, Lot—Abraham’s nephew—could not receive God’s blessing. He lived in the land of Sodom, which people called a flourishing land. But he still couldn’t receive the blessing of material wealth there.

In the end, the land of Sodom became a place of God’s judgement. It was at that time that Lot received God’s blessing of barely escaping death.

David also received God’s pair of blessings at his time. That is why he received physical blessings and became a king while receiving heaven’s blessings in the spirit.

Job was no different. Since he overcame satans and tribulations even when temptations came, God blessed him again with material wealth.

These cases of blessings don’t just apply for figures in the Bible. They also apply for people who are living now as well.

One type of blessing cannot be called perfect

You can enjoy physical blessings during the time you have a body. But if you fail to receive spiritual blessings, your spirit will suffer forever. If your spirits suffers like that, it will regret even the things it enjoyed in the world.

Homosexual love is not the God-given blessing he intended when he gave us counterparts. Even for heterosexual love, if you do not do it within God’s Will, it is only a physical blessing.

You can break this down even further. If a person lives physically centered on himself for a single day, that person receives and enjoys only physical blessings on that day. It’s like a person who lives alone because he only loves himself.

God created things to be in pairs. So he also blesses while giving pairs of something. Since God gives His blessing in pairs, you have to find the spiritual blessing. Then you will be blessed forever.

In order to receive the eternal blessing, you should love our eternal God in the spirit.

Also since God gives blessing through the Lord, you should pair yourself with the Lord. Even in the midst of suffering on the cross, the Lord did everything he should for you.

Now that the Lord has resurrected and come to glory, the history of blessings will multiple both physically and spiritually. So I hope you can receive it all!