Should a farmer just wait for the time of harvest?

Should athletes who will compete in an international competition only wait while counting the days go by?

A farmer has to get his work done so that he can harvest during the time of harvest.

Only then will he be able to harvest when the time comes.

Athletes who will compete in an international competition have to practice and train to the extreme. Then they will do their best during the competition on that day without making mistakes.

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. ~ Romans 8:18

In the same way, only people who do the work they should do and prepare receive the end result.

In order to fulfill your dreams and hopes, you have to do the work you should do.

You should make yourself and your life beautiful by fixing the things that are difficult for you to change. Then as you do the work you need to do,  you will become a masterpiece life.

Therefore, I pray that you will hurry up and make yourself and take action on the work you should do.