Koreans have a culture of doing things quickly. So when they want to buy something, they order items through home shopping services. It’s comfortable and quick. Compared to other countries, Korea’s shipping service is almost as fast as a bullet.

So one of the things foreigners envy the most about Korea is their quick delivery culture. But Korea’s “hurry, hurry” culture is becoming a positive influence on the world.

In this way, we have to take action like we are trying to catch light. Before teaching about what one should take action on, knowing how to take action is more important. This is the first and foremost message.

Everything is determined in an instant.

Therefore, you have to discern in an instant and take action. If you discern quickly and take action, you will be able to catch an opportunity that passes by as quick as light. Even if it flashes by almost instantaneously, you will be able to spot it and catch it.

You have to take action united with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son. Then you will become a spiritual person. And as a result, you will think and take action quickly like catching light.  

A swift person will win and succeed, and a swift person will destroy evil and Satan.

When an opportunity comes, that window of time is not that long.

In some cases, you are fighting against minutes or even seconds.

In that short amount of time, you have to think fast, calculate, check, discern, and take action quickly. Since you are pressed for time, you have to prepare for that work ahead of time and wait for it.

Opportunities come along with time.

In some cases, opportunity comes like the movement of a second hand. In some cases, opportunity comes like the movement of a minute hand. While in other cases, opportunity comes like the movement of an hour hand. Therefore, this year, you have to take action like as if you were trying to catch light.

In the past, you gained things by taking action. But you gained them only when you took action at the right time.

Those who take action begin to gain as they are taking action.

However, first, you have to pray about what you should take action on. And you have to pray to gain what you need to gain.

It is a fight for time and the victory of time.

In the Olympics too, athletes compete for every second.

For sport such as soccer, basketball, ping pong, fencing, swimming, track and field, all compete measuring seconds. Teams will lose and be disqualified if they score a goal one second late.

If you are told, “Take action like you would catch light,” you may wonder, “How can I do that?”

Thoughts are faster than light. Therefore, it means to think, discern, and take action quickly like light.

It is to discern and think spiritually.

Spiritual thoughts are trillions of times faster than light. In order to be spiritual, you have to think and discern with the Lord’s thoughts while listening to the Lord’s Word. You should do it while praying and discussing with Him.

I pray that you will make the Lord your head and challenge yourself to immediately discern and take action on things in the year of 2017.