It’s very common to not check thoroughly before we do things. But did you know that just one small case of carelessness can cause you great misfortune? Let me give you an example with a short story.

A guy saw a beautiful flower between some rocks.

It was a small white flower. Its fragrance intrigued him. And by some magical force, the flower was pulling him towards where it sat.

It was really close to a cliff. But its smell was so attractive, as if it were born to attract people with its pure delightful smell. So he wanted to show that flower to many people. He took a picture first and sent it to people via SMS. But the photo alone did not satisfy him. He wanted to capture the smell as well. So he made up his mind.

He decided to take that flower himself. He prepared all the necessarily equipment. Pots, soil, and fertilizer (in case the flower was harmed when he was collecting the flower) among many things. He watched videos of how to transplant flowers without harming them. He even practiced on other flowers by doing it himself. And finally, the day arrived. He dug the flower out and was able to rejoice looking at the flower every day.

The end! And he lived happily ever after.

Did you really think he was able to live happily ever after with the flower?

No. Actually, what happened next was even worse. Long story short, a tragedy happened.

The flower was holding the two rocks together. Although it had fragile, thin roots, they were strong enough to hold the rocks together. It was the only link connecting the two rocks. However, when he dug the flower out, the rocks lost their balance. When the rocks fell, they hit the man’s head… He ended up in the hospital, and the flower fell under the cliff, where he didn’t dare go.

Why did this happen?

He only looked at one facet of the situation and proceeded to think only about that. Then the tragedy happened. Normally, misfortune befalls when you do things while thinking only about one thing. So it is important to do things while always looking at things that are connected to that thing also. In this case, the guy should’ve carefully examined how the flower was planted.

The guy did not carefully inspect how the flower was planted. Instead, he proceeded to dig it out and experienced misfortune as a consequence. There are a lot of the times we experience the same kinds of things as well. Simple things that you failed to check or take extra precautions against and thus making you to face bad situations or losses.

Exams for example, you forgot to check the exam requirements carefully, studied the wrong sections completely and failed as a result.

Or it could be something as serious as not checking oncoming traffic. People get into accidents when they are turning left or rushing through a yellow light. And the result is either they hurt or kill themselves and another.

Always make sure to check before you do anything.

Think about all the options, investigate, measure them with a ruler, or any other instruments at hand, and then carry them out perfectly.

So, from today onward, when you do things, be sure to think about both things, investigate, measure them with a ruler, calculate, and then carry them out perfectly. This is my one tip of the day to avoid problems that you may face!