Establishing goals and a purpose is like drawing blueprints first before building a house or developing an area. After you do that, you can then build or develop what you want according to those blueprints.

You can’t just start building or developing something unless you have first drawn the blueprints.

When you fire a gun, you don’t just fire in any direction without an intended target, right?  

If you shoot without clearly establishing a target, you won’t be able to hit it. Even if you shoot all day long, you won’t hit it because your vision, mind, and actions are not focused.

In this way, when it comes to faith and everything you do in life, you have to first establish a purpose and then take action. Then your mind, thoughts, actions, words, and life will all be clear and not ambiguous.

Be a Person Who Takes Action With a Purpose

A person who takes action with a purpose has different mentality, thoughts, and actions. Such a person has a different way of speaking and acting. They use time in a different way. Such a person is like someone who sets off with the goal of reaching a mountain peak. Thus, they will not go in a different direction. In the end, he will neither waste time nor waste his life. And he will challenge himself without quitting along the way.

All of you have to live with goals in place. And you have to take action in order to achieve those goals. Then it will be like pointing a gun toward your intended target. And it will be like sailing out to the vast ocean with a set destination. Your mind and thoughts, your actions, and your life will all be clear and certain. Thus you will travel toward your intended destination. You will also do a lot, do them quickly, fix yourself, and fulfill your goals. This joy will not stop mid-way.

Every day, set goals and try to boldly take action on them.

Ask God to Help You Set the Right Goals

Every day you have to pray asking God and the Holy Spirit to give you the appropriate work to do. Pray asking Them to give you an appropriate goal. And pray asking Them to give you the strength and wisdom to fulfill that goal. I hope you will set goals together with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord. And I pray that you will think and take action swiftly and rapidly!

A person who runs 1000 meters per day and exercises regularly will only maintain his current level of health. However, a person who exercises with the purpose of competing in a race will set a strict exercise regiment and follow that schedule every day. He will run and do various exercises like an expert and will take action steadfastly while wrestling with himself in order to achieve his purpose.

A person who takes action in an ordinary way is a person who is merely maintaining his current level of life.

If you want to raise your level, you have to set a goal and do it until you achieve your goal. You must have a goal and be diligent with the attitude of constantly taking action.

If You Take Action Diligently with a Goal, You Will Achieve Success

If you are lazy, succeeding in life will be as difficult as one in a thousand. However, if you are diligent and thus keep taking action toward your goals, it will be easy to achieve success.

If you have no goals and take action like someone drifting in the boundless ocean or someone wandering in the desert, you will become a wandering life and end up being unable to return.

This week, in the remaining time of 2016, and in the new year we will receive, I hope that you will set goals first, take action while being mindful of times and dates in line with those goals, and check yourself every day.

I bless you to set clear goals and purposes within God and the Lord. I bless you to make your mind, thoughts, actions, and daily lives clear and certain. In the process, I hope you will challenge yourself every day and raise your level!