Couples who don’t converse in earnest have a higher chance of divorce than couples who fight every day. If they don’t converse it means that they aren’t interested in each other. So there is no potential for their relationship to improve.

Conversation is a basic element of life.

Prayer is conversation with God, right?

Therefore, prayer is a basic element of faith.

Even the lives of people in the world are determined by the conversations they have.

In the same way, even before the Trinity, your life is determined by the conversations you have with Them.

Intertwine Your Life with God’s

You have to create conditions in order to meet. That condition is prayer. We have to pray. Then we will become intertwined with God and He will carry out things and work with us even on things that are our responsibilities.

Try to pray and converse earnestly with God, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Son.  They will hear the prayer of those who prayed earnestly and those who asked for appropriate things.

Not only your conversation and prayer, but also your thoughts and actions have to be earnest and perfect in line with God’s Will.

Why? This is because your thoughts and actions become your prayers and conversations.

Pray Earnestly and Take Action Earnestly in Your Daily Life

What you prayed for comes true in your daily life, doesn’t it?
Therefore, you have to pray earnestly and take action earnestly in your daily life.
Remember that it’s important to have earnest conversation, earnest prayer, and live an earnest life. Then, the things you want will come true and the Will of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son will be fulfilled properly.

What does it mean to do things earnestly?
It is like searching for a restaurant when you are starving and like searching for your lover who is waiting for you at a park. It is like carrying out your plan in the best way possible by focusing your heart, mind, and thoughts, and uniting your actions with God.

Earnestness is the combination of being detailed and doing it with all your heart, will, and life.

When you do things earnestly, even things that would not have worked out will work out.
Do you want to know the secret to success and the way you can do well?

The Secret to Success

The secret to success is to do things earnestly.

If you dry your clothes after washing them only roughly, they will be so dirty that you can see the dirt with your own eyes. The same is true with your work. If you do it only roughly, problems will always arise, right?
You have to do things earnestly and completely. Only then will you fulfill the will perfectly.

Things don’t happen with just heart alone. You have to take action.

The thoughts and body must become one. Then you will fulfill the purpose.  You have to become one and take action, but, you have to take action earnestly. Then you will fulfill God’s Will.

You should be earnest, but you should be earnest with the Lord as your head.

You should be earnest, but you should be earnest with God’s Will.

Blessings Will Go to Those who are Earnest

With that earnestness, you have to converse, pray, think, and take action honestly and earnestly. If you do, God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord will all surely work with you and let things surely come true.

To those who make the Lord their head and take action to the end, to the degree that their earnestness soaks into God’s heart, blessings will go to them, the will will go to them, and love will go to them.  

I bless you to fulfill the Will by conversing earnestly, praying earnestly and living earnestly.