Koreans called the calculators they used in the past sandae. It was introduced to Korea through China during the era of the Three Kingdoms. But after the Chinese adopted to use of the abacus, they no longer used the sandae.

However, Korea continued to use the sandae until the end of the Joseon Dynasty. After that, people stopped using it. So it disappeared.

Nowadays, if you want to see an authentic sandae from the past, you have to go to a museum. As the world developed, the sandae became an ancient calculator.

Life Like a Sandae’s History

Human life is the same as a sandae’s history. There was a time people used the sandae. But after the time period advanced, people stopped using it. In the same way, the things you do at a particular time or age end after you do them.

There is a time for everything. When you do something, you only have that time to do it. After you do it, it ends at that time. You only have one chance. That is why you must do really well.

Do not just spend your present time and moment meaninglessly. People think they have a lot of time, so they spend it leisurely. But each moment is an opportunity.

At this time right now, the great things that pertain to this time are passing by. So you have to grab this time while you are in it. The present is young compared to the future. You still have time left.

Compared to the future, you are still youthful, so I hope that you will take action earnestly without regrets.

I bless all of you to seize the things that pertain to your time right now as well as today’s things. And I bless you to take action on them.