If you invest time well, you will gain twice or ten times as much later on”.- Jung Myung Seok

Let’s face it. At least once in your life, you have heard the importance of time management.

Lots of people say, “You need to manage your time well,” and often, businessmen say, “Time is money!”

Why is that?

You gain according to what you invest time in

During an exam block, if you spend your time on studying French, you will ACE the French exam. You might end up getting C or B in math but because you have invested your time in French, you will perform two or ten times better than on other subjects.

Also, when you’re hungry, instead of spending your time just yelling or rolling around the room saying, “I am hungry!” if you spend your time on buying or cooking foods, you will be able to eat and will not feel hungry anymore. Instead of losing all your energy from rolling and yelling, you will have gained strength from eating.

“Just as a person who uses money wisely becomes successful, a person who uses time well becomes successful”

Like the example I told you above, depending on where you use your time, you either gain or lose. That is why we need to spend our time wisely.

To spend time wisely, I have conducted a little test. I am a full-time student as well as a part-time worker. Because most of my work is related to sitting in a chair, I have started to gain weight. I wanted to exercise, but I found it hard to fit that into my daily routine.

But while I was wondering about what to do, my pastor, Jung Myung Seok, told me, “If you invest time well, you will gain twice or ten times as much later on.” His words inspired me: “If I find the time that I am not investing or spending wisely, I can use  that time to exercise!”

So, this is what put into practice. I started writing a diary. Not just a normal diary entry, I wrote down everything I did in my day with bullet points.

Example of one of my diary entries

  • 11:30 am: ate lunch – salad
  • 4:00 pm: work done!
  • Bus traveling time
  • 5:00 pm: arrived home!
  • 6:30 pm: studied – revision, contract & constitutional law


And surprisingly, I found a time that was vacant! I could fit at least 20 mins of exercising in my day feeling twice or even ten times healthier every morning! So yes, my readers, try writing a diary. It doesn’t need to be detailed like, “Dear diary…” Just write simple bullet points on what you did throughout your day.

You will get to see where you are wasting your time and where you need to invest time more. Perhaps, you can try learning new things using the spare time you discover.

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“You must grab hold of time. Then you can do it!”