In the Arabian Nights stories, there is a particular character popularized by Disney. His name is Genie, and he dwells within the lamp a treasure hunter named Aladdin finds. Genie appears when Aladdin simply rubs the lamp and grants Aladdin the power to make a wish come true.

So Aladdin wishes for delicious food, treasures like gold coins, and a huge palace.

But that’s fantasy. Reality is different.

For example, when water leaks from the ceiling of a room, you have to do something about it. Then the water will stop leaking. If you don’t do anything but hope it’ll fix itself on its own, nothing will happen.

When the second hand, the minute hand, and the hour hand of a clock move, you can literally see them move, right?

In the same way, when you take action, the things you want become reality. As you take action, you will notice your desires being actualized in reality.

Action Makes Fantastic Things Happen

Since nature is alive and working, it makes fantastic things happen. The forces of nature produce flowers and you can see the fruit of its labor. Among the things nature produces, you can even eat vegetables such as yams and potatoes.

Learn from Pastor Jung Myung Seok:

You have to take action; only then will you gain.
You have to take action; only then will you exist.

It is the satisfaction of taking action. Therefore, each of you should not be idle. You should take action while uniting with God and the Lord so your spirit can benefit forever through your body’s deeds.

Action makes reality and fantastic things happen.
Therefore, it is the key to blessing in your life.

I pray that all of you will make reality by taking action and receive eternal blessings.