Isaiah 60:1

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.

Live a life of liquidating

A life of cleaning up and a life of liquidating are different. Liquidating is like a baby coming out of the womb and having its umbilical cord severed. If you are continuously bound by the umbilical cord, you cannot enter into the world.

Getting rid of everything, with nothing remaining, is finishing off your old life. At transitional times, you need to completely finish off the old things in order to move into the new world of the next level. You also need to repent of your sins and completely get rid of them. Only then will you have ended your sins and gone to the next world, the next level.

Like a severed umbilical cord, completely liquidate the old things, your sins, and self-centered thoughts. Only then will you be able to have the Trinity’s thoughts and become one with Them.

Completely liquidate the old things and your old life; then you won’t be tied down by them, and you will be able to move onto the next stage, the next level.

Every day, throughout the course of your life, you need to clear up what needs to be discarded; then the door of the new world will open and you can enter.


Do the appropriate work at the appropriate time

At each moment, by doing the work that you need to do, clear up what you need to clear up. Otherwise, that work will pile up and be left undone, and you will ultimately be unable to do it. When the time comes, everyone must liquidate their matters and move on.

Are there people who still do old things? Or, are there people who do both old and new things simultaneously? Such people are like those who simultaneously run two households.

I hope you will hurry up and diligently do the work you need to do, liquidate your old things, and live according to the Trinity’s Will, following Their time.

If you forget about the work you need to do, you won’t be able to do it. Then, that work becomes dead.

In order not to forget the work you have to do,

  1. you need to always petition to the Trinity and
  2. you must do the work you need to do daily.

Only then will you be reminded of and not forget the work you need to do in the present and in the future. Those who don’t do the work they need to do at each time will lose both physically and spiritually. Therefore, you should never forget, but you should diligently do what you need to do. Only after doing the work you need to do should you rest or have fun.

The work you need to do at each moment passes while being bound to that time segment. Therefore, if you simply sit around without doing the necessary work, then that particular work for that particular time remains undone.

You need to take action according to God’s time; then you will take action following the correct time in everything you do.


Work together with the Holy Trinity

Always petition for God’s wisdom, and do the work you need to do with His wisdom. God’s wisdom makes your work easy and light. Also, the Holy Spirit always helps you while being next to you, so converse with the Holy Spirit, and take action with the Lord and the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit and the Lord are always with those who petition and seek. If you work by yourself, you become self-centered. Therefore, seek the Trinity and the Lord every day, call upon Them, and take action while receiving Their wisdom. 

You need to take action; then you will gain your portion. You need to take action; then you will use your portion valuably. As a result, happiness will come.

Lazy people sleep when days are good and work when it is raining. Diligent people work when days are good and have a feast when it is raining.

You need to diligently and enthusiastically do the work you need to do. God comes upon the diligent. Even at predawn, God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord are with those who are awake and speak to them. If you don’t work diligently and enthusiastically, you won’t be able to gain your portion.


Act while making the Trinity and the Lord your head

The foolish and the ignorant don’t complete their work at the right time, because they are interfering with other people’s work, so they ultimately stay up all night by themselves. Also, they do unnecessary work and live caught up in it. That’s why even though they work, it doesn’t benefit them, and instead, they suffer harm.

People tend to do unnecessary things. They do them out of ignorance or because others told them to do so. This goes for both studying and learning.

Even for one thing, you need to ask the Trinity and the Lord, and you need to take action always making the Trinity and the Lord your head. You need to ask the Trinity and the Lord and take action matching God’s heart.

Only then will you do the necessary work, will whatever you do benefit you, and will God’s heart not be upset.  

By doing so, you will gain the pleasure of taking action fitting to God’s heart and the pleasure of pleasing God.

If you live apart from God, your joy will be brief. Therefore, even if you have taken action, you will feel empty, and it won’t become eternal joy. Only those who live according to Heaven’s Will every day will be with God and will live having their hearts and thoughts become like Heaven.

For those who live according to His Will, God takes their spirits to Heaven, after their physical lives have ended, and has them live in Heaven with Him while loving them forever.

Apart from that, people will go to the spiritual world pertaining to their deeds. They will go to the domain of death or even to the world of eternal Hell. Therefore, as you live in the world, you should become the Trinity’s counterparts of love and inherit the eternal world, the Golden City of Heaven.

The life of the spirit is determined while the body lives in the world. You have to always live attached to the Trinity and the Lord, converse and commune with Them, love Them, and take action according to Their Will. The body has to live like this in order for the spirit to always be attached to the Trinity and the Lord as well.

The same is true for trees. If two trees are different in nature, they have to be cut before they can be grafted together; only then can they be united. Likewise, you have to cut off your thoughts, and then graft God, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Son Lord, and the Word of truth into you. Then your thoughts and deeds will be united with those of the Trinity and the Lord.


True salvation

People take action thinking that their thoughts are right, but ultimately they can fulfill neither God’s Will nor their own will with those thoughts. They live their days in ignorance. The same is true with salvation. Even those living in death say, “I have been saved. When I die, my spirit will go to a good kingdom.” However, since their thoughts do not lead them to actual salvation, what they expect will not happen. Their thoughts are different from reality.

Salvation is to listen to the Word delivered by the one God sent, to repent of your sins and make yourself clean, and to live according to the Will of the Trinity and the Lord!

Aside from this, it is salvation of your own thoughts.

You have to listen to the Word that God, the Origin of wisdom and knowledge, delivers through the one He sent! Then you will escape the domain of death, through righteousness, and go on the path of eternal life. You have to cast away your own thoughts and take action in line with God’s thoughts. Then you will fulfill the will of the spirit, and the will of the body, and live with joy and hope. You will revive your spirit and gain eternal joy and pleasure, and you will also inherit the eternal kingdom of God. If you live in ignorance, the golden time of your life will utterly flow away.


Trade dead time for eternal things

What’s important is whether you use time to take action for your body or for your spirit. You have to do things of the body in order for the body to live, and you also have to do things of the spirit in order for the spirit to live forever. If you do this, you are a person who gains reality by doing the appropriate work at the appropriate time.

Some people cannot do it because they don’t know, and some people don’t do it even after they have learned and come to know. You have to properly realize what is precious and do it by setting everything else aside. Only then will you gain what is precious in exchange for dead time.

Once time passes, it becomes dead time. How great it is to trade dead time for eternal things! A person who trades something that disappears, for something that remains forever, is a wise person who continuously uses what they have accomplished.

You are given the gift of time every day. What matters is what you do with that time. Each person uses time according to their level, so I hope that you will take action at a higher level in order to use it valuably as golden time.

If you use it valuably, at a higher level, as time that belongs to the spirit, you will gain things to use for your entire lifetime, and even for 1,000 years. On the other hand, if you use the precious time of your life physically, you will gain little, and nothing will remain in the end. Just like consumables, they will come to an end after you use them for a period of time.

You have to use your time as time that belongs to the spirit. Then you will use a lot of time at a higher level, and its value will be greater. Use your time valuably for what is eternal. Belonging to the spirit and believing in, serving, and loving the one who has become divine is what is eternal.

You have to belong to the spirit and think and act spiritually. What does it mean to belong to the spirit and take action spiritually? It means to always dwell within the Trinity and the Lord. Make your thoughts always dwell within the Almighty Trinity and the Lord.

If you belong to the spirit and think at the spiritual level, you will feel earnestly and take action with satisfaction at that time. But if you belong to the body and think physically, you will not feel much and life will just seem empty.

If your thoughts have become physical, you have to return them to the spiritual state by reading and thinking over the Lord’s Word, as if heating up water. You have to be united with the Lord and always take action within the Lord. Only then will your actions belong to the spirit and be what the Lord has done. Do you understand?

The same is true with love. If you love only physically, it is not eternal. You have to belong to the spirit and engage in spiritual love, brain love. Physical love ends with the body, so it is limited love. Spiritual love is love that transcends time, distance, and environment. You have to engage in spiritual love, brain love; then you will share love day and night. This is love in which you dedicate all your heart, thoughts, life, body, soul, and spirit to the Trinity and the Lord.

Anyone can do this according to their level and abilities. Even though God is in Heaven, He receives all the spiritual love and brain love. The spirit goes to the place it thinks about even in one second, so your thoughts and heart will become an actual entity that converses with and loves God.


Align with God’s thoughts, do the necessary work, and come to life!

Finally, clear up all the old things, your sins, and self-centered thoughts. Live a new resurrected life. In doing so, you have to live as the Trinity’s counterpart of love in both body and spirit, without holding back.

If you do not discard your own thoughts, they will become thoughts belonging to Satan.

Only the thoughts of the Trinity and the one They sent are thoughts that are absolutely perfect; they are the thoughts of the eternal spirit.

Therefore, align yourself with God’s thoughts, be united with the one sent, and quickly and diligently do the work you should do at the right time, following the time of resurrection. If you do, both the will of the spirit and the will of the body will be fulfilled. Then the Trinity will be delighted with you and will receive that glory.

You have to come to life when it is time! The history of resurrection is a spiritual history, so live according to the thoughts of the Lord who is the spirit relative to you!