Matthew 7:21

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

Physical beauty does not last

The body is like a flower. No matter how pretty flowers are, after a period of time passes by, they will surely wither. In this way, no matter how beautiful the body is, after a period of time passes by, everyone, without an exception, will wither like a flower. Bodies and faces that were so pretty will get old and become wrinkly.

Spiritual beauty is eternal

However, the beauty of the heart, and the beauty of thoughts is different. Even if their faces or bodies are not that beautiful, those who have beautiful hearts and thoughts within the Lord; love God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord; always converse with the Trinity and pray; take action; and work hard within the Lord will shine more in their hearts and thoughts as time goes by, their actions will also shine, and their spirits will become endlessly beautiful. Such people are incomparably pretty, attractive, and beautiful compared to the noticeable beauties in the world.

God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son do not center on the body. They see how attractive and beautiful your heart and thoughts are, how perfect your deeds are, and They see your soul and spirit that change according to your heart, thoughts, and actions.

You need to make the heart, thoughts, and actions more beautiful and attractive before the body completely ages, and make your spirit pretty and beautiful. That is the ultimate wisdom with which you can gain eternal beauty, and that is your inheritance. Even if the body becomes old and you become stooped with age, you don’t need to worry. Since there is your spirit that has transformed beautifully, it is glory! Such a life is the most successful life.

The Messiah Jesus was a regular person before those who held politics, finances, and arts in their hands. However, He is the King of kings. He is the King of the spiritual world. Therefore, in the spiritual world, everyone is under Him.

Everything that was done physically in the physical world ends when the body dies. Only the things that were done in the Will of God go directly to the spirit even after the body dies, and they remain forever for the spirit to enjoy. People of God are the greatest. The one who seizes the spiritual world is eternally great. You have to seize the spiritual world in order to hold onto things forever!

God chooses people based on their hearts. That is, He chooses them based on seeing whether their hearts and thoughts function properly. He then looks at their deeds and spirits. He treats their bodies based on that standard.

Everyone, realize that your body is treated based on the evaluation of your heart, thoughts, soul, and spirit! Quickly make your heart, thoughts, and deeds more beautiful and splendid before your body grows old, and through that, make your spirit more beautiful and splendid.

This is the inheritance and the most advanced wisdom that allows you to gain eternal beauty.