Related Proverb

“People have two types of thoughts: thoughts that lead to success and thoughts that lead to failure.”
-Myung Seok Jung

In 2014, Yi Sun-sin* was all the rage in South Korea. Over 17 million viewers watched a movie called The Admiral (Original title: Myeong-ryang). The movie depicted how great his thought process and mind was. And how his thought process and mind led him to victory in battle.

(Translator’s note: Yi Sun-sin is a Korean naval commander. He is famed for his victories against the Japanese navy during the Imjin war during the Joseon Dynasty. He is well-respected for his exemplary conduct on and off the battlefield.)

The value of a person lies in the value of his thoughts. People assign value to other people after seeing whether their thoughts are sound or not. If the thoughts are not sound, then the body is useless. Speaking with parables, if the thoughts are like electricity, then the body is like an electrical cord. If the thoughts are like fruits, then the body is like a tree.

Thoughts are like grain and the body is like soil. In this way, thoughts play the role of the core, the essence, and the life. Therefore, you have to think well and always manage your thoughts valuably.

Two Kinds of Thoughts Dwell Within You

Two kinds of thoughts are always present within you. One is of the things you should do and the other is of the things you should not do. You have to make sure to do the things you should do and surely not do the things you should not do, right?   

However, when you look at lives, their thoughts are shortsighted. Shortsighted thinking means that when people face unexpected situations, rather than thinking as far ahead as they can, they look at only one thing, have shortsighted thinking, and take action quickly. Therefore, even if it is an important matter, they take simple actions with shortsighted thinking.

As a result, they ruin the things they have been doing, fail to do the things they should do, unnecessarily do the things they should not do, and cause the work they are doing to fail and not work out.

When looking at it more spiritually, to have shortsighted thinking means that your thoughts are not the same as God’s thoughts and you think looking at only a portion of the whole while God sees the whole picture.

If you judge after first thinking as far ahead as possible, then an answer that is sufficient will come to you.

If you judge after first making your thoughts the same as God’s thoughts, then an answer that is perfect will come to you.

You Have to Develop Your Thoughts

You must raise the level of your thoughts! If you learn, pray, listen to the spiritual words of a wise person, and unite your thoughts with the Lord, you can raise the level of your thoughts.  

Thoughts are like the size of a house and a garden.

Everyone lives their lives either thinking in a small way or a big way.

The smaller your thoughts are, the more uncomfortable it is to live life, and the more uncomfortable it is to exercise your faith.

Also, thoughts are like a vessel and like the space you live in.  

If the vessel is small, you cannot put a lot in it.

And if the space you live in is small, you will live that much more uncomfortably, right?

Therefore, you cannot do great work if your thoughts are narrow and your deeds are small. A big car can never travel on a narrow road for an entire lifetime because it is not a big road.

Everyone, you should make your thoughts big and majestic.

I am telling you to develop your thoughts, actions, life, and faith greatly!

Make Your Thoughts Sound with the Lord

Now is the golden time to make yourself. But the sun called time will set while you are dithering.

I hope you will hurry up, speed up, urge yourself on, and make yourself more!

Also, following the Lord, make yourself like Him!

I pray that all of you will learn, open your eyes and realize, make your thoughts sound and perfect, and use your bodies valuably, and also by making your spirits valuable according to those deeds, I pray that you will live valuably forever.