Proverbs 16:20

Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord. 

When buying goods, you can’t buy things by simply considering at their cost. Rather than simply looking an item’s expense, you should also consider its positive features.

If something costs a lot but doesn’t have any good features, it is merely expensive. But if it has positive features which adds more value, then the price is appropriate and worth it.

When you want to live your life of faith well, you can’t think only about the difficulties. Even when you want to accomplish a particular goal, you can’t think only about the fact that there may be a high price to pay to finish that work. If you do, you will ultimately stop along the way.

Don’t think only about the difficulties but remember always to think about the good times as well.

You should consider the good things you will gain. Don’t just consider the gains of a brief moment or a period of time. Consider what you can gain within your entire lifetime after working hard and putting in effort.

If you live like that, you will gladly do things. The reason is the hard work, effort, and investment are worthwhile. Then once you gain what you want, you will enjoy those things tens or hundreds of times more.

You should receive God’s wisdom by casting away your own thoughts. And you should pray and earnestly ask God about things so that you can judge wisely and take action 100%.

For goods, rather than thinking that they are just expensive, you need to also look attheir positive features. I pray that you will realize this is something you need to do with your life of faith as well.