Matthew 7:7

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

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“God would give much better one when we ask for something. Why? It is because He loves us.”
-Myungseok Jung

God will open the door for you

God gives to us what’s appropriate. However, we have to first ask before God can give those things to us. In all cases, He wants to give something better than what we have requested. So whenever you face difficulties, pray earnestly with all your heart. Don’t just ask for the things you want, but ask God to give you love and also confess your love to Him.

God works like this because His thoughts are different from ours. The thoughts of the one who asks and the one who gives are different. What you lack is the thing you want more than anything else, but someone who possesses a lot doesn’t think that way. To become satisfied, God has to give something even better than what we had requested. Human beings think physical thoughts. But if we ask to be united with the Lord, and if we stop thinking about worldly things, then God will give us higher-level spiritual thoughts.

When the Almighty and Omniscient God says to you, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find,” it means there’s something to be found. Telling you to seek means that it’s available, so He wants you to search for it. In the same way, when He says to knock on the door, it’s because there is a door—that is, the Lord.

God didn’t simply say, “Knock on the door.” He said, “Knock on the door, and I’ll open it for you.” He made that promise, but it’s not going to happen unless you do the act of knocking. If you ask, He gives; if you don’t, He doesn’t. Therefore, you have to pray a lot and ask for the things you lack.


God is happy when He gives

God is overjoyed when He gives what we have asked of Him. Just as a man is happy whenever he can give his beloved what she wants, and just as the woman who receives it is happy, the happiness of the Trinity is the same.

Therefore, ask. Then both the giver and the receiver will be happy. When you meet your lover, you buy them things and you give them gifts. A man will not invest in a lover who is going to run away, but if it’s someone who will be with him forever, he’ll invest endlessly. That’s why God gives to His beloved without a worry.


Listen to the world just as God listens to you

While living life, you hear a lot of noise, such as the sounds of cars and animals. You also hear sounds that you don’t like, such as people’s criticisms of you. You hear many things, but if you wait until everything subsides before proceeding, you will never reach your destination nor gain what you should gain.

If you close your mind to your parents or to the noise of the world, or if you cut off your friends because you don’t want to hear what they have to say, then you cannot pick up on the sensitive sounds of the world. Your heart and thoughts will become dull.

Whether it’s the sound of negative or positive things, you have to keep listening; otherwise, you won’t know anything, and you will misunderstand many things. Just as God listens to everything you have to say, you should listen to what others have to say and converse with them. Be accepting and understanding, and be cooperative with your heart and in your thoughts.


Manage the body God has given you

Think about what God has given you and manage everything well. Maintaining yourself so that you’re healthy and youthful is a great achievement. The secret to remaining youthful is to start when you are young. When a car ages, it becomes an old car. However, it can still run really well if it is managed well. It is about keeping your body and heart healthy, both physically and spiritually by managing and maintaining yourself really well.