Luke 24:25-27

25 He said to them, “How foolish you are, and how slow to believe all that the prophets have spoken! 26 Did not the Messiah have to suffer these things and then enter his glory?” 27 And beginning with Mosesand all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself.

The foolish are slow to believe in the Bible and the prophecies the prophets have foretold. The Holy Spirit looks at them and asks, “Doesn’t the Christ enter glory after going through tribulation?”

God’s history is a history of glory after tribulations. Therefore, you must be faithful to the point of death even during times of tribulations. You cannot compare the tribulations you face in the present with the glory you will receive later.

Those who are like Cain deviate from God’s Will. So for them, they face one tribulation after another. But those who are like Abel are righteous and do things according to God’s Will. For them, glory comes after tribulations.

God’s thoughts are different from your thoughts. ~ Isaiah 55:8-9

If you think in a physical way, you cannot receive God’s thoughts. With physical thoughts, you may think only about tribulations, but with spiritual thoughts, you see the history of resurrection after tribulations. That history is a history of glory.

The history of glory is a spiritual history. But what is a spiritual history?

A spiritual history is one in which the Lord becomes the head and we become his body.

Christ is a spirit and his followers are the body. However, if Christ were to take action following the body, then history would become physical. The body should take action following Christ, who is the head and spirit. Then history will become spiritual and a history of glory will follow.

The Old Testament is a physical history, and the New Testament is a spiritual history that centers on Jesus. When the Lord returns, the New Testament will become a physical history compared to the new history God fulfills.

Chris is always the head. So we as the body must take action as he has. If we do, then the times will become spiritual and a history of glory will take place.

The history of glory

When people receive glory, there is a time they receive glory in spirit and a time when they receive glory in body.

God received the tribulations of the times together with the one He sent for a certain period. During that time, the Holy Son adorned His followers and developed His relationship with them. At that time, people’s spirits resurrected, and the Holy Son went up to Heaven. The spirit of Christ ascended.

At that time, the Holy Son entered a world of glory. So the spirits of those who believed entered a world of glory as well.

However, the body of the one whom God sent had to bear the cross. Therefore, his physical body couldn’t enter the world of glory. God and the Holy Spirit had to wait before receiving glory. They could only receive glory after the one They sent carried the cross.

Now that the Christ has borne the cross of the times to completion and received all tribulation on our behalf, God, the Holy Spirit, and the believers of this time are finally able to enter glory!


At the time of the rapture, the Holy Son, the Christ, and the spirits of believers enter the world of glory for spirits, Heaven.

In other words, this is the glory of the spirit.

Now, the body of our Lord has received all tribulations by carrying the cross on behalf of the sins of the world. He has entered the world of glory.

Did not the Messiah have to suffer tribulation and then enter his glory? ~ Luke 24:26

However, there are those who are slow to know and believe this. The Holy Spirit calls such people foolish.

Now, the Lord’s spirit has already ascended to the Heavenly throne. The Lord is sitting at the right hand of God waiting as the Holy Spirit leads. However, physical people fail to realize this and want him to come to the places they want him to.

If people behave like this, how can the Lord sit on God’s throne and enjoy the glory that is to come?

The thoughts of physical people cannot fulfill God’s glory and the Lord’s glory. The history of resurrection is a history of the spirit and a history of glory.


Where is the sting of death for the body?

In one fell swoop, death has disappeared through the condition the Christ set for the redemption of all from sin. The sins of the times and your sins brought you death. But Christ atoned for those sins on your behalf. So death has disappeared because it no longer has a condition through which to sing your body.

Thus, the reign of death and Satan through sins has disappeared. Christ has come to reign as king before you.

This is the conclusion to the Word in the Bible.

In Revelation 20:1-6, it says, “You will reign with Christ for a thousand years.” The Lord has fulfilled this prophecy.

Christ has come out after defeating death and Satan. He has put the ancient serpent, Satan, in prison for a thousand years. Along with him, the countless human santans have also gone to prison, the domain of death. They were the ones who became one with Satan’s spirit and nailed the Lord to the cross. God has assigned the angels on the earth to guard them.

The Lord is are taking action centering on the Lord’s temple where you dwell. He lives through your body, hearts, thoughts, deeds, and daily lives. So you should take action with faithfulness and love while calling on the Holy Spirit and the Lord every day.

There is freedom where the Lord dwells. So the place you take action with the Lord is Heaven on earth.

I pray that you may take action with joy and love. And that you will lead many lives to resurrection.

The day of ascension

On the day the Holy Son left, it was a day of glory and an opportunity for us to develop our relationship further with God. To commemorate that day, I want all of you to give glory at each of your churches. Your church is a temple for God and the Lord.

The Lord will see from His place along with the Holy Spirit.

Each of the places you dwell is a place where the Lord’s spirit dwells. The Holy Spirit is there as well. So these places are considered holy lands and places that are a part of God’s white throne on earth.

Therefore, I hope that you will invest your efforts well and take action to fulfill a higher salvation.

I bless all of you to be even stronger after hearing the Word, to enjoy the glory and joy of resurrection while loving the Trinity, and to fulfill the Will of this time.

I bid you the Trinity’s love and peace, and I bless that Christ’s everlasting love will remain forever with you in the Spirit.