Corinthians 13:13

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

God’s Laws Are According to Time

The current world is completely different from the world of the past.

Therefore, God gives the message that is appropriate for this time period to those living at this time. God speaks through the laws of the world, and He speaks about the salvation of the body and the spirit through the person sent in this time period.

At the time of the New Testament when Jesus came, God no longer governed that time period with the laws of the Old Testament.

He gave the laws of the New Testament and governed the time period with those laws instead, in order to make history pertaining to that time.

We need to obey the laws centering on the correct time period.

However, everyone must still take action upon the basic laws of the Old Testament and the basic laws of the New Testament.

The 10 commandments are the basic laws that anyone in any time period must keep.

Having said that, the law, “You should observe the Passover,” only applies to the Old Testament time, as does the law requiring that a sheep and a cow be slaughtered and offered at the altar. Rituals and ceremonies of the ancestors also apply only to the Old Testament.


God’s Laws Are Fitting to the Individual, Time, and Circumstance

Even in the world, different laws apply depending on the occupation and the position of the person.

For example, for soldiers, ‘the law for soldiers’ applies; for civil servants, ‘the law for civil servants’ applies; and for businessmen, ‘the law for those in businesses’ applies.

However, the basic law that all citizens need to comply with is the same.

There is also a separate law for the disabled. This law is especially given for the disabled, so that they can exist and thrive properly.

You know that God, too, gives the Word that is fitting to each time period, each individual, and each occasion, right?

Laws for sinners and for the righteous are different from one another. If you treat sinners in the same way as you treat the righteous, they won’t be able to restore themselves and will end as sinners. That is why there is the law of repentance and forgiveness for sinners. Only if they live according to this law will they live.

There is a law for those who are sick.  When people cannot go to school or work because they are sick, they are given a period to heal. Likewise, if a person has a disease of faith, then you must apply the law of treatment. For those who are healed of their sickness in faith, give the law of taking action.  Only then will they survive.

You need to treat people while giving them the laws that pertain to them, as much as they have matured spiritually. This is the way to save lives.

Even when God leads an individual, He uses him/her in ways that are fitting for that person, and leads him/her in a suitable way according to time and takes action.

There are many ways to deal with different kinds of people. There is a way to treat strangers, a way to treat your brothers/sisters, and a way to treat your lover. If you do not treat people according to who they are, you will fail completely.

Therefore, when God leads individuals, He does not lead them in the same way, but He leads them each in ways that are suitable and fitting for that person.

Thus, you should not apply the laws of the Bible in just any way. If you do that, lives will die.

In this way, the law that applies to each individual is different for each individual, and the law that applies to each occasion is different for each occasion.

This is like the law of doctors prescribing different medications to each patient. If the same prescription is inappropriately given to all patients, they may suffer from various side effects or even die. A prescription that is fitting for each patient must be given.

Laws can kill or save people. Therefore, you need to use them well.

God’s Greatest Law of Love

God’s law is, in fact, only one.

It is none other than the “Law of Love.’’ It is the “Law of Unconditional Love.”

Therefore, God treats people with the Law of Love until the end.

God treats people until the end with the law of love, but if they go astray to another path even after receiving His love, they will fall into a trap and suffer.

Since you have become one with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son, your love must absolutely be directed towards the Trinity.

In Heaven, the law of absolute completion is applied. Only those who properly believe in the Messiah will take action perfectly according to God’s Word and laws and enter Heaven.

You need deeds of righteousness in order to go to Heaven, and that righteousness is to absolutely believe in the Messiah and become spiritually united with him.

This world is where you are in the process of developing yourself.

Therefore, God treats, both people who are complete and people who are incomplete, with the law of love, and leads them.

There are 7.5 billion people living in the world. There are many who don’t believe in God.

Since those people also have to be saved, God gave laws to the Earth. This is God’s absolute truth.

Truth operates in the world even if it is not the Word of the Bible. God governs the whole world with that truth. Therefore, the world is completely filled with God’s truth. It is the law that pertains to everyone.

You have to keep all the laws, even if they are not found in the Bible. You have to keep the laws in order to exist in this world without suffering any harm.

You should save lives with God’s laws. You shouldn’t bind or kill them with laws.

You should use laws after learning about them well.

Do Not Judge

When it comes to God’s laws, no one other than God has the authority to handle and judge sinners. Therefore, you should never become the judge or condemn anyone.

All you need to do is just teach the Word so that they will realize and take action on their own.

Strict or Absolute laws apply to completed people. If you apply absolute laws to a person who is still growing, those laws will not suit them. They will die.

You should not smother lives with the laws of sin. If a person repents, he becomes a righteous person without any sin.

Do not try to make a righteous person through excessive pressure. You will kill lives while trying to make them into righteous people excessively. Do not say that a person who has not yet grown is not doing well or has problems. Would a person who is not yet grown do things perfectly well?

God is not judging yet, but He is giving people an opportunity. I hope that you will treat people knowing this.

I hope that you will neither judge nor condemn anyone but leave it up to God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord.  You should judge neither sinners nor righteous people but entrust them only to God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord.