I know many of you may have experienced “changes.” They’ve either been changes of your physical appearance or your mind. You know, those situations where you feel cold and think, “Agh! Too cold. I wish it was hot…” and when you actually feel the hot sun, you go “Agh! Never mind, I want my cold weather back!”

Today, I left the office thinking pasta for dinner, but after walking to the restaurant (which only takes 5 mins), I changed my mind and ate dumplings. Whilst eating my dumpling I thought, “Whoa… I’m so indecisive! I change too quickly… Sorry pasta. I’ll have you next time.”

Even if you’ve never thought deeply about why people change so suddenly, I want you to think about it right now.

Don’t you find yourself remembering situations where this is true? A friend you were eating with wanted a taco but changed his mind and purchased a sandwich instead.

Why do people change? Why are we so indecisive?

It’s because of our brain nerves (the neurons in our brains). They are highly sensitive, too sensitive sometimes.

Because our nerves are sensitive, when they feel something, their response is transmitted to our brain. And when it has been accepted and transmitted, we start thinking about whether we like it or not.

So in this way, people change because of their brain nerves, which are super sensitive.

But how does this help us with our indecisiveness?

You may be wondering, “If I want to avoid changing, does that mean I have to make my nerves less sensitive?”

No! If your nerves are dull, then you wouldn’t react to anything. This means if you keep killing your nerves and making them dull, you won’t be able to feel things in a sensitive way.

You won’t feel good or bad. That translate to not being able to feel happiness or sadness.

How terrible would that be? Because you don’t feel things in a sensitive way, you will do things recklessly, without thinking or having any boundaries for yourself, which may even lead you to death.

So what should we do instead of making our nerves dull?

The brain neurons (our nerves) know and react even if a single grain of sand flies at your body and touches you. But if you control it, you can avoid those unseen changes using your heart. You can control your heart by thinking and using positive thoughts. For example, try to think differently. Try to think positively. Read things that are positive. After a while, you will find that you have changed your mind and thoughts.

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